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Meredith Marks Addresses Jen Shah’s Claims That She Didn’t “Like” Tweets About Brooks Marks

Once upon a time, in the Morman capital of the world, Jen Shah and Meredith Marks were close friends.  The families got together regularly, though the only interaction we saw on camera was the fateful night that Jen flashed her vagina at Meredith’s son.  Brooks Marks expressed discomfort multiple times, but Jen kept doing her sassy scissor kicks on Meredith’s sofa.  Without underwear.  It was clearly inappropriate, yet Jen is still deflecting blame for the root cause of her issues with Meredith now.

This issue could have been resolved potentially if Jen took responsibility.  Instead, she started feuding with Brooks on social media.  According to the footage from Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jen is liking post mocking Brooks and labeling his sexual preferences.  Meredith is, understandably, going into mama bear mode.  On a recent episode, she went livid discussing the issue with husband Seth Marks.

It’s highly invasive and inappropriate for Jen to be calling Brooks gay on social media, and the rest of the RHOSLC cast is calling her out on it.  Except Lisa Barlow, who is trying to mediate between her two friends.  But Meredith is having NONE OF IT.  Even now in real time, there is no reconciliation between them.

Then there’s bestie Heather Gay.  She has issues with Jen’s actions on social media.  At the height of their feud, Jen called her racist and mocked her weight.  Heather confronted Jen on a recent episode, but she managed to turn the tables on Heather.

Meredith appeared on Watch What Happens Live, and opined on Jen’s social media actions and deflections.  Host Andy Cohen asked, “a fan wants to know if you really believe Jen when she told Heather it’s not her liking the tweets? Shouldn’t Jen be taking more responsibility for own social media?”  Meredith answered, “in my view, it really doesn’t matter if she liked the tweets or not. It’s on her account, it’s her responsibility.”


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That’s a reasonable stance to take.  Does it apply to Meredith’s own issues with Jen?  Another fan asked, “how do you respond to fans who argue that even though Jen was wrong Brooks is also an adult who consented to being on the show and poked at Jen as well?” Meredith said, “so, I have quite a few things to say about that. For starters, you know, we get both sides. Everyone says ‘well, Brooks should stay out of grownups’ business and then he’s an adult, which is it?  Pick your poison one way or the other.  I’m kind of tired of hearing both sides of it.”

It all comes down to being responsible for whatever you put your name on, including Instagram and Twitter pages.  Though Brooks is legally an adult, perhaps respect for a friend would have encouraged Jen to back off.  Or not flash your vagina in front of him.

Meredith explained, “but, at the end of the day the whole thing came about because Jen repeatedly showed her vagina in my home after being told by two assistants to cover up. Brooks, all he said was he was uncomfortable. And that was it. He shouldn’t have felt uncomfortable saying that he was uncomfortable because she kept doing it after being told.”


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