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Hannah Chaddah Says Azah Awasum Cemented Big Brother Loss By Targeting Her In The Final 5 Of Big Brother

If you watched Big Brother this season, you probably have about 39048 thoughts on The Cookout alliance. Not only did the alliance bring the drama throughout the season, but watching them work out their power dynamics in the final six was a SIGHT. That’s not even mentioning the iconic strategy developed by Tiffany Mitchell that will forever demand a shout out and accolade upon mention. Simply historical!

Of course, with great power, comes great responsibility. And in Big Brother responsibility comes with a target on your back. After finalizing The Cookout alliance as the final six, Tiffany was quick to be evicted on a speedy double elimination night. This left two women (Hannah Chaddah and Azah Awasum) and three men (Derek FrazierKyland Young, and Xavier Prather) to battle it out. Azah won the next HOH comp, and foolishly used her power to send the only other woman in the house, Hannah, home. At that exact moment, America’s collective jaw hit the floor. What kind of strategy was that!?

If you’re like me, you never had a strong love or dislike for Azah. That is, until the final episode of the season. Just before being eliminated from the final three, Azah admitted that for her, winning BB23 wasn’t about the $750,000 prize. For her it was about ensuring the winner was someone worthy of representing the first Black winner in franchise history. Was that logic informing her decisions early on? If so…picking Kyland over Hannah is quite the mis-step.

In an interview with Us Weekly immediately following her eviction, Hannah shared her thoughts on being Azah’s target into the final four. Hannah was asked if she though Azah had made a $750k mistake by not targeting one of the men during her fleeting HOH. Hannah started her reply saying, “Yes.”

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Hannah continued, “I believe that Azah made a $750,000 mistake by targeting me. I would have brought her a lot farther in this game than I think any of the guys intend to. But, she’s naive in the sense that she wants to believe that Big D is her No. 1 and she’s Big D’s No. 1.” Naive indeed. And hindsight is 20/20 because Azah definitely figured that one out on her own once she was left alone with the guys for long enough.

Regarding Derek’s loyalty to AzahHannah revealed, “I just don’t think that’s the case. So yeah, [Azah] cost me my chances of winning, and I think she also cemented her loss. I fully expect to see her right after me in jury.” Harsh, but true.

All that said, I’m sure Hannah was actually happy to see Kyland was next with the boot out of the house. But as we all know, Azah took the L right after. And the rest is history.


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