Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Bad Vibes Only

Real Housewives of Potomac fans, this season is for you! It’s less dark than last year, but it’s still delivering weekly in the drama department. The dynamics are constantly evolving which is everything you want in a solid season. Five stars!

This salad tossing incident is one for the ages. What happened to good vibes only? Candiace Dillard Bassett doesn’t care how she looks right now. No matter how many times people reference Mia Thornton’s “story”, Candiace doesn’t want to hear it.

Candiace is displaying some unhinged behavior in this episode. Normally, I’m quite the fan of her, but this was something else. She’s not listening to reason. Obviously Mia touched a nerve when she came after Candiace’s music video and questioning her mother.

Mia & Gordon Thornton want to leave after this fight. They have no desire to deal with Candiace, but nobody wants them to leave. Wendy Osefo’s trying to restore order, but it’s not working. Chris Bassett is making an attempt to get Candiace under control, but she can’t be talked to. This is embarrassing behavior.

Mia cries to Karen Huger because her mom has worked so hard and come so far. Again, Candiace was unaware of that. Mia maybe shouldn’t have gotten mixed up with Candiace’s mother if she doesn’t want hers mentioned. Don’t put your mom’s possible future relapse on Candiace. That’s bullshit.

However, Candiace could at least make some time to hear the story. Instead of crying outside and justifying her actions, Candiace could have a teachable moment. Good luck with that though. The drama’s probably far from over.

Mia doesn’t think Candiace understands the consequences of her actions. Candiace is NOT responsible for Mia’s mother’s sobriety. That’s actually quite ridiculous. Girl, bye.

Chris doesn’t want Candiace to speak on it because it shows them that it bothers her. They both need to stop coming at each other for low blows. Chirs can try all he wants, but she’s not listening. He wants her to go in the house and tell Mia she won’t disrespect her any longer. There’s no chance in hell of Candiace being willing to do that. She relishes in the idea of fighting. Let’s not lie.

Mia Thornton Real Housewives Of Potomc

Gordon is too much. It’s disgusting. Unfortunately because Mia’s staying, that means Gordon’s staying too. We don’t deserve this. However if they would’ve left, we would’ve missed out on hearing him recount Mia’s stripper days.

Chris congratulates Ashley Darby on the birth of her new son. He’s a lot easier to handle and deal with than Candiace. Any good vibes are always negated by the animosity between Candiace & Ashley. It’d be refreshing to see these two finally get on good terms.

KAREN DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TOSSING SALAD MEANT. I live for Karen being unaware of these darker sides of life. The Grand Dame does not eat the booty.

Ashley’s the only one without her husband right now on the trip. Hopefully Gizelle Bryant & Robyn Dixon show up, so she’s not the only single lady on the vacation. He never dares to show his face on a trip or event like this.

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ashley’s guilt trip must’ve worked because the green-eyed bandits made it! They’re in the worst room imaginable. There’s no bathroom. It looks like something out of a horror movie. It’s the ultimate revenge for Wendy.

Candiace now knows the story about Mia’s mother and understands the hurt. Understanding and caring are two different things though. She admits if she knew the mother backstory, she would’ve came for those large feet of Mia’s. That’s not nicer, but it’s an equal back and forth of shade.

Gizelle asks Wendy which bathroom they should be using. She acts like she has no idea where they should go. They’re being forced to travel to the downstairs bathroom. That’s epic revenge. Considering Gizelle can barely walk, this is the best form of payback Wendy could’ve gotten.

How great is it to see Karen & Gizelle on good terms? They’re iconic as enemies, but there’s something special about them as friends. Make a wish that it lasts. Can their friendship actually withstand the test of time? Could this reconciliation be for good?

Everyone’s a little too lit on the way to dinner. It won’t take much for these ladies to erupt into intense drama in this condition. Liquor them up a little more, and we’re off to the races.

Candiace Dillard Bassett Real Housewives Of Potomac

Robyn’s on her period and her misery is bringing everyone down. She doesn’t want to engage with anyone. WHY IS ROBYN STILL ON THIS SHOW? How could she possible have gotten six seasons as a main cast member? Unacceptable!

Wendy proposes a toast to forgiveness which triggers Messy Boots Ashley. She inquires about what went down with Candiace & Chris after the salad fight. Ashley says Michael Darby’s rubbed wrong because of the shit Candiace has talked about him. Is she serious?

Ashley calls out Candiace for calling Michael a slave driver. OH MY GOD. This is escalating to an uncomfortable level. Ashley brings up Candiace basically “asking for it” last season when she was physically assaulted. Oh we’re going there. Ashley & Candiace are in the middle of this restaurant screaming at each other.

Chris is driving to calm Candiace down, but there’s nothing he can do.  He’s trying to physically remove her from the table because this is so cringe. To be fair, Ashley didn’t start anything last year. However, Ashley was vindictive by writing a letter on behalf of Monique Samuels. That was low down and dirty, but Ashley’s known for being messy.

Chris is fed up with always getting dragged into the drama of the group. Once Candiace gets on a roll and starts shading people, there’s no stopping her. Poor Karen’s stuck in the middle of Mia & Candiace. No matter where she looks, there’s a finger in her face. The Grande Dame deserves better than to be embarrassed in public like that.

Gizelle sticks up for Ashley because she doesn’t think she’s to blame for last year’s incident. She, Robyn, & Ashley feel like Candiace learned nothing from what happened last year. She’s definitely holding a lot inside in the year that followed.

Candiace & Chris reemerge just in time to finally eat dinner. I wonder how much food is left behind because of these Housewives fights. So much waste. Enjoy your food, and THEN start the squabbling.

This is only Day 1 of the vacation. There’s still so much more to come. If this is how it’s starting off, imagine how it’s going to end? This is officially the Eastern Shore vacation from hell.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]