Lisa Barlow Says There Will Be “Some Resolve” With Whitney Rose After The Catering Scandal

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City stars Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose never had a friendship vibe from the jump. Their relationship was as icy as the slopes of Salt Lake City. Lisa didn’t appreciate Whitney’s love of pole dancing, and Whitney accused Lisa of calling her “a swinger.” Whitney also claimed that Lisa stirred the pot behind the scenes on RHOSLC, and that Lisa talked down to her.

Lisa said that Whitney and her co-star (and cousin) Heather Gay acted up for the cameras and were chasing fame. During the Season 1 RHOSLC reunion, Lisa coined the nickname “Bad Weather” for Whitney and Heather.

During a recent episode of RHOSLC, Lisa was caught in a catering scandal. Lisa’ friend, Angie Harrington, decided to host a 70’s casino night to benefit the charity Encircle. Encircle, which is a Utah-based non-profit group, gives support, therapy, and a safe haven to LGBTQ+ youth. The friends of 20 years caught up and chatted about the upcoming event.

Later, Angie met up with Whitney for lunch. They were also friends (and cousins) which annoyed Lisa. After her meeting with Lisa, the caterer dropped Angie. Whitney believed that Lisa was behind it. Of course she did.

Angie had a private chat with Lisa at the party. Angie told Lisa that everyone believed that Lisa tried to sabotage the charity event. Lisa denied it and dissolved in tears. When Whitney entered the room, Lisa yelled at her to get out before storming out of the party.


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The caterer backed Lisa. According to Page Six, the office manager for chefs Marco and Aubrey Niccoli stated, “Lisa had NOTHING to do with them not being able to do Angie’s event — and Angie knows that. The truth is that they had just opened their restaurant and had prior commitments.” It looks like Whitney and Angie were caught trying to ramp up the drama. And the caterer had receipts! Screenshots on @Housewivesofslc’s twitter page support what the manager said.

Lisa spoke to HollywoodLife about Whitney and the catering mishap. “I think you’re going to see Whitney and I have some resolve. I think you see the resolve of this, and it was an insane accusation,” Lisa remarked.

The Vida Tequila mogul said, “I would not cancel a caterer. No good person and no good caterer would ever cancel. The whole thing was ridiculous,” she commented.

She continued, “I had nothing to do with it. I’m in the F&B industry so I’m going to know everyone in that industry so it would be like going into a restaurant and your reservation gets cancelled and it’s my fault because they carry a tequila and I know the owner or your wagyu is undercooked,” Lisa added. Lisa is all about her business, and I don’t believe she would risk harming her brand.


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“But what I will tell you is I made reservations in early February and was getting it cleared thru Bravo,” Lisa explained. “So, because of COVID and the pandemic, it’s a much longer process, so I had booked reservations and was getting it cleared so we could use that restaurant on camera.” Lisa said, “My name came up because they said we cannot cater your party, we will not get any coverage on the show.

The friendship between Angie and Lisa didn’t survive when the chips were down at the casino night. “I haven’t really talked to Angie in months,” Lisa revealed. “There’s so much more coming up this season — We haven’t even touched the surface,’ she added. “You guys are in for a wild, wild ride.”

And during the most recent episode of RHOSLC, Whitney and Lisa sat down and decided to move forward with the goal of becoming friends. Let’s be honest- Whitney’s husband, Justin Rose, and John Barlow, Lisa’s husband, want to hang out, and urged their wives to make peace for the sake of their bro-mance.


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