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NeNe Leakes Thanks “The Gentlemen That Have Been In [Her] DMs” Since Gregg Leakes’ Passing

My heart broke in a million pieces when Real Housewives of Atlanta alum NeNe Leakes announced that her longtime husband Gregg Leakes had died of colon cancer. First of all, NeNe has been and forever will be THE Bravo OG. And her relationship with Gregg was a huge part of her story. After a rocky battle with colon cancer, Gregg passed away. Now NeNe is trying to move on with her new life following his death, and she’s had a ton of support from the Bravo community while she’s working through her grief. Clearly, Gregg touched a lot of hearts during his time on Earth as is evident based on the outpouring of love.

Grief looks different for everybody. Some people might sit at home for months crying and thinking about their loved ones. While others need to move on with their routine and try to take things day by day, which includes dating. We know Phaedra Parks has been supportive of her girl NeNe moving on with a new man. But to be fair, Phae Phae is a little more comfortable with death than the average person. But NeNe said while she’s not yet ready to be dating again, she appreciates the offers she’s received.


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According to Page Six, NeNe posted a message on her Instagram story about the support she’s been receiving from everybody. And gave one pretty hilarious shout-out. “Thank you to everybody,” NeNe said.”All the gentlemen that have been in my DMs, thank y’all too.” Bloop!

NeNe added that she’s just living her single life right now. “But anyway, hey, I love reading the messages. They are inspiring to say the least. Thank you,” she added. I’m sure NayNay loved the confidence boost from all the fellas looking to take her out once she’s worked through her grief and is ready to move on in that way. While some people may disagree, I say power to her. You find your happiness, NeNe, whatever that may be. Selfishly, I hope it somehow leads to a return to Bravo, but if not, I’ll still be rooting for you girl.


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