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Lala Kent’s Ex Randall Emmett Sued For $281K In Unpaid Rent

It’s never just one thing with Bravolebrities is it? All it takes is one instance of infidelity and the whole house of cards starts to wobble a bit.  Once you cheat on your significant other, what’s cheating the IRS?  Or trying to get out of paying child support?  Or weaseling your way out of paying the rent?  It’s about what you are willing to gamble, and what you think you can get away with.

Randall Emmett’s week started with cheating allegations.  And by hump day, he was accused of missing out on child support payments.  According to court documents, he was close to bankruptcy earlier in the year and couldn’t pay child support to his ex-wife Ambyr Childers.

It doesn’t stop there for the B-movie film producer.  Randall and his company Randall Emmett/Gorge Furla Productions are now being sued by their former landlord for unpaid rent.  According to an article from Radar Online, 8200 Cardinal Associates filed suit against the defendants for breach of lease for an office space on Whilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills in 2017.

Randall signed for a space on the third floor for $17k a month, yet supposedly never made the payments.  8200 Cardinal Associates also claim that Randall vacated the premises in March 2021 without any notice.

The lease wasn’t to expire until June 30, 2021, and the suit is going after Randall for the additional 3 months payments.  The landlord said Randall owes them $281k in unpaid rent, plus $55k for April, May, and June. Randall is also being accused of using company money to fund his lifestyle.  Sound familiar for Beverly Hills?


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8200 Cardinal Associates studied Randall’s business dealings and are convinced he ran his production company as a “shell” to “perpetrate a fraud upon Plaintiff.”  How much fraud exactly?  Well, the suit is putting a number on it.  $336k in damages plus attorney’s fees.

So Randall’s “double life” with Lala Kent wasn’t the only alleged fraud he was engaged in.  After being spotted in a hotel lobby with an unknown woman in Nashville, Randall’s fiance Lala called off the engagement.

A source commented about the producer’s infidelity in a previous article.  The insider said, “Randall always lives a double life. He lives the life of a husband or boyfriend, and then he lives the life of a serial partier and then goes on a bender.”

Lala meanwhile, moved out and took the ring off her finger.  She has yet to confirm their exact relationship status.


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