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Paige DeSorbo Teases Southern Charm Cameo With Craig Conover; Talks Winter House Fling With Andrea Denver

Winter House has made its official debut, as have two of its stars who are now a couplePaige DeSorbo and Craig Conover. But don’t get too excited — the Southern Charm sewing king was still with Natalie Hegnauer while filming the spinoff show in Vermont. So the Summer House fashionista was a single lady on the prowl. And while she was definitely developing a solid friendship with Craigy, she didn’t back down from getting to know the newbies in the house. Especially the hottie Italian model Andrea Denver.

Ahead of the Winter House premierePaige dished to Us Weekly about her winter fling with Andrea. Even though she and Craig are solid in their relationship, she has no regrets about her time in the house. “I mean that accent and when you go in vacation mode and you have, like, a vacation fling, we definitely fell right into that,” Paige said. I don’t blame you girl. I was getting hot watching him bring Paige and Ciara Miller coffee in bed.

Paige gushed about her new co-star, praising him for being nice and easy to talk to. “So it just naturally happened and everyone kind of coupled up after like the first two days,” she added. So we know Ciara and Austen Kroll got hot and bothered in the hot tub (after Austen was just bothered by seeing Madison LeCroy on a magazine cover in the store). But is Paige also teasing something between Austen and Lindsay Hubbard? Hmmmmm.


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Even though Paige and Andrea didn’t end up together, they’re still good friends. And Paige promises that doesn’t bother Craigy. “I think he’s pretty secure about where we are now. He had a girlfriend so it’s not like I picked Andrea over Craig,” she said. “I would never go for someone who had a girlfriend. That’s just so not me. So it all happens the way it was supposed to.” I have to stan Paige. She’s so level-headed but fun at the same time. My Winter House queen.

Paige also teased that now she and Craig are officially official, she might be making a cameo on Southern Charm in the future. “Well, I am in a relationship with someone who is on Southern Charm. So you probably will see me pop up here and there, but we’ll see,” she teased. I wonder how that’s going to go now that Naomie Olindo is single and rumored to be back on the show.

The Summer House star also shared some kind words about Craig’s co-stars. “Everyone that Craig hangs out with could not be nicer to me. I’ve met pretty much everyone,” Paige said. “I knew Shep [Rose] and Austen from a couple of years ago and everyone really is so lovely. She’s girlfriend is one of my favorite people ever. Taylor [Ann Green] is, like, such a sweetheart.” Sounds like we might be seeing a Shep and Craig double date down in Charleston sometime soon.


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