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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Is Already Casting For Season 3

A whole winter storm has arrived on Bravo thanks to the fairly recent premieres of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and Winter House. There’s been so much tension on the thin veil of ice between both groups of castmates and it always seems like the foundation is on the verge of cracking. Bravo finally teased us that Jen Shah’s impending arrest is set to air any episode now. But aside from the Jen Shah of it all, we’ve had a couple argue over having a sister wife, Mary Cosby being accused of running a cult, and actually have seen Meredith Marks engaging, for once. Season 1 was a winner, but this second go-around is far from a flop.

While we’re in the midst of RHOSLC and all of the juicy drama, showrunners are already looking for fresh meat to add to the cast, as pointed out by @housewivesofslc on Twitter. The tweet was a casting call for the show, featuring an email where people can apply. If only I lived in a ski chalet in Utah and had a fabulous life. I’d be in there hitting up Taco Bell with Lisa Barlow and partying it up with Heather Gay and Whitney Rose every single week. Take me ice fishing. I need the full Utah experience.


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This season, Jennie Nguyen was the only full-time housewife added to the already solid group. She’s already gotten into it with Mary and isn’t afraid to insert herself in the middle of the drama, aka the opposite of Meredith.

The idea of a cast shakeup does scare me. Who knows what’s in Jen’s future (if she’s convicted of charges, it could be jail time) so this could be her last hurrah. Even though Mary’s made her way out of her closet, the rumors of her behavior and methods of running her church might have her running for the Utah hills. I just hope Bravo leaves Lisa and the Bad Weather duo ALONE if they want a shakeup. Those girls always make me laugh on the show, and they could be our only shot at Rihanna making a Real Housewives reunion cameo. 


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