Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Jennie Nguyen Was Shocked Husband Duy Nguyen Asked Her To Get A Sister Wife On Camera

Well, it is the Morman capital of the world.  In a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Salt LakeCity, newbie cast member Jennie Nguyenwas propositioned by husband Duy Nguyen on the idea of adding a sister wife to their marriage.

Well, it is the Morman capital of the world.  Except that Jennie and Duy are Catholic.  Fortunately for Duy though, the Vietnamese culture allows for such arrangements according to the couple.  Still, Jennie is clearly uncomfortable and finds the idea unappealing.

That was at the time of filming, though it’s doubtful anything has changed.  Just to confirm the obvious, Jennie appeared on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live to share her thoughts on Duy’s proposition to have more children.

“It was shocking,” Jennie told host Andy Cohen, “If you can imagine sitting there, it’s like, ‘Are you serious?  Are you just going to bring this up now and not discus this with me prior?’ It was shocking to me.  I didn’t know what to say.”


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People reported that despite the acceptance of sister wives in Salt Lake City, Jennie was still shocked.  She added, “If murder was not a felony, he would have been dead.”

The topic of a sister wife seems to be shelved for now.  But Jennie revealed that the issue of adding to their family is far from resolved.  “It’s not something new in Utah,” Jennie said. “We’re used to the idea, so it’s not something new for us.  With every family, we have family planning. And we have discussed having a big family and what we wanted.  He’s still stuck in that moment [of wanting more kids]. But, you know, life dealt me and him a different hand. So I’m trying to deal with it and [have] moved on. He has not.”

Jennie is referring to the multiple miscarriages and still-birth that she suffered prior.  The emotion is clearly still debilitating, and one can’t fault Jennie for being unwilling to potentially put herself through heartache again.

But the veracity of anything else she and Duy say has been called into question by a girl claiming to be their niece.  She came forward earlier this week to claim that Jennie and Duy will do anything for money.  Methinks the sister-wife situation is just a ploy to bring drama to the show.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]