Jacqueline Laurita’s Daughter Ashlee Malleo And Her Husband Split Again; Hints That He Cheated On Her

Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Holmes gained notoriety for pulling nemesis’ Danielle Staub’s extensions on Real Housewives of New Jersey and whining about doing the daily commute from NJ to Manhattan, among other grievances.  She seemed like a nightmare to parent, but slowly found her path after moving to the West Coast.

Like any child of reality TV, they will pop back up on our radar when something newsworthy happens.  In this case, Ashlee brought attention to her husband Pete Malleo’s alleged infidelity with a dramatic outburst on social media.  Except that there is some gray area in the story, and Ashlee did recently backtrack and apologize for her words.

It started with an innocent question from a fan who asked Ashlee if she and her husband Pete Malleo were planning on having another child.  According to an article from Page Six, the mother of one responded that her husband was, “f–king some busted looking whore.”  Presumably, that’s a no.

Ashlee wasn’t done there.  She went on a tirade, posting a picture of the girl and other screenshots to her Instagram Stories.  All About the Real Housewives shared the images, including one of Ashlee holding a gingerbread man with the caption, “making crafts with my son.  F–k everyone and everything else.”

“In case it isn’t clear, I am now single.  Have at him,” Ashlee wrote in another slide accompanied by a clown emoji.   What’s with the emoji?  And why did she put another one on the face of the other girl? According to another screenshot of texts sent, the girl “said it not me”  Ashlee wrote after saying, “she’s a sad clown bitch.”

Well, that was earlier this week. Ashlee has cooled off, maybe got some legal notification from Pete’s attorney.  She again took to her social media Thursday, this time to issue a groveling and lengthy apology.

“There is so much I have to say,” Ashlee wrote, “first and foremost that Pete did NOT cheat.  Regardless of the emotional roller coaster that is a divorce journey, Pete and I will ALWAYS be partners in life.”


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Ashlee continued, “I will always support Pete and cheer him on.  His success is our son’s success.  We will ALWAYS be a family.  We will ALWAYS be there for each other.  Nothing and no one could ever break that. Period.”

While Ashlee’s epiphany that her outburst was, “embarrassing for everyone involved,” what actually changed her mind?  The RHONJ alum acknowledged her reactive nature.  She explained, “I was hurt and my anger came from the fact that although separated, it has only been 3 months since we have broke up.  We were together for YEARS and I just didn’t understand how he could start dating someone so quickly.”

Pete previously told Page Six that he only started communicating with this woman after Ashlee was served divorce papers.  He and Ashlee reconciled briefly in early 2021, only to announce another split this month.

Ashlee revealed the she and Pete agreed to keep each other informed about potential future partners as it pertains to their 5-year-old son Cameron’s well-being.  Despite initially sending “classless” texts with Pete, his new lady got the seal of approval from Ashlee.  “I have since spoken to this woman and let me tell you, she is actually very kind, ” Ashlee wrote, “I feel awful.”

Ashlee concluded by apologizing to both Pete and his new lady.  She also said, “I know that this too shall pass.  Until then, Pete and I are going to continue focusing on our son’s happiness.”


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[Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/Wire Image]