Melissa Gorga Pulls Husband Joe Gorga Off Stage From Comedy Set After He Admits To Mixing “Alcohol With Sudafed”

Joe Gorga has always been a standout househusband. But now that he and wife Melissa Gorga have been on Real Housewives of New Jersey for 10 full years, looks like he’s trying to branch out. Despite Melissa constantly referring to him as a “businessman”, does anyone actually know what Joe does? Yes, I know he is on the show but does he have a backup plan? A side hustle? I’m pretty sure that pizza place he wanted her to work at one season fell through. So what is Joey Meatballs next move? Comedy, of course!

In case you missed it, Joe has already been traveling the country for the last month doing stand-up. And it seems like it’s been going pretty well! But now Page Six is reporting that even the best comedians have an off night. In fact, it resulted in Melissa pulling him off the stage.

Joe later admitted, “This was not my typical show. As I share my many life lessons in my stand up routine, now I can add this one – don’t mix alcohol with Sudafed.” He continued, “This was not a common occurrence for me – I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to let my fans down. I had been taking Sudafed and had a couple of scotches before I went on stage, as I normally do. Unfortunately my body did not react well to the mix.” Joe added that he doesn’t “often take cold medicine.” And that Melissa had not seen him “like this”, which is why she intervened.


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It all went down when Sloppy Joe started to tell a nonsensical joke, but the audience tried to encourage him anyway. At that point, Joe started repeating, “Are you guys ready?” and “We all gotta be f–king ready.” Once he started dropping f-bombs, Melissa stopped him from taking another swig of his drink and said, “I don’t know what they gave you backstage, babe, but I got a feeling…” She told the audience, “I swear to you, usually he cracks us up, he has a routine that makes us all laugh in tears every night — that I promise you.” Melissa then dragged him off stage and said, “Come on, let’s go.”

For his part, Joe seems embarrassed and remorseful. Even though I honestly think it’s no big deal. Shit happens and the only thing that got hurt is his ego (I’m assuming). He concluded, “I have directly responded to my fans who were there and reached out to me. I started my comedy tour to share my stories and to make people laugh. As I continue my tour, I look forward to providing people with the authentic, fun, and raw Joe Gorga they deserve.”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]