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Teresa Giudice Says Melissa Gorga Begged Andy Cohen To Join Real Housewives Of New Jersey; Melissa Says “They Inboxed Me”

The rivalry between Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga will never end. Just when it seems like they are besties, the flames ignite again. Last season on RHONJ, Teresa slammed her brother, and Melissa’s husband, Joe Gorga, for not standing up for her.

Melissa and Joe were furious that Teresa didn’t defend them when “Juicy” Joe Giudice attacked them in the press. Juicy alleged that Joe “stole from from his father, sister, employees and business. Her brother always came between us and the parents.” Joe said that Juicy put his mother, Antonia Gorga, in an early grave.

During the screaming match, Melissa tossed an innocent cheese plate, and Joe banged on the table. It was like old-school Jersey was back, baby! Remember the christening for Melissa and Joe’s son when Joe and Juicy came to blows? Or stripper-gate, when gossip swirled that Melissa was once a dancer? The first few seasons that Melissa was on the show were filled with turmoil, but it was riveting to watch.

The trailer for Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, which was posted on Twitter by @JaysRealityBlog, showed a tantalizing glimpse of Melissa and Teresa feuding just like the good old days. The series, which captured Housewives from different franchises staying together and partying it up in Turks and Caicos, drops on Peacock on November 18, 2021. I cannot wait!

Page Six reported that Teresa and Melissa re-opened old wounds to pour some salt in them during the third episode of RHUGT. The disagreement was all about how Melissa came to be a Housewife. Everyone knows that Teresa was furious when Melissa joined the show.

During a group scene, Real Housewives of New York pot-stirring expert Ramona Singer broached the subject with Teresa and Melissa in front of the entire RHUGT cast. “Andy [Cohen] called me and said, ‘Your sister-in-law won’t stop DMing me,” Teresa said. “She wants to get on the show.”


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Melissa responded, “I never DMed him. That’s what I’m telling you.” She insisted that casting contacted her on social media, asking her to interview for the show. Sure, Melissa. “They inboxed me. They still reach out to all of my friends now, still looking for [new ‘Housewives’],” Melissa stated.

Melissa not telling Teresa that she joined the cast left a bitter taste in Teresa’s mouth. Maybe Teresa should have some of her pineapple juice. Just saying. In fact, Andy was the one who told Teresa about Melissa being cast. Teresa has admitted that she was not happy about her sister-in-law joining Season 3 of RHONJ.

“You and I were not friends at all,” Melissa remarked. “We weren’t speaking.” Teresa commented, “To tell you the truth, I can’t remember why we weren’t talking — unless they were just mad that I wasn’t putting them on the show.” Melissa shot back, “We did not want to be on the show that way.” And I love how Teresa is in charge of adding people to the cast.

“She has her story. I have my story. She’s never going to admit it,” Teresa said. Melissa replied, “When they called to interview me, [Bravo] then told you that.”

“I didn’t know if we were going to do it or not. Of course, we interviewed for the show and of course they wanted us,” the boutique owner told Teresa. ‘It’s a family show. Caroline [Manzo] was on the show, Dina [Manzo] was on the show.” Melissa continued, “They want sister-in-laws. That’s what they want.” Of course, Caroline and Dina are now estranged after appearing on the show.


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So, why was Teresa so opposed to Melissa becoming her co-star? “I was like, ‘I don’t want to fight with my family,'” Teresa explained. “To me, family’s everything.” Teresa referenced all the family fights that went on season after season. “Look what happened!” Teresa added.


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