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Joe Gorga Cried When He Heard About Teresa Giudice’s Engagement; Says “It’s A Beautiful Thing And I Love It”

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga wants the best for his sister, Teresa Giudice. That might explain why Joe never saw eye-to-eye with Teresa’s ex-husband, Joe Giudice. Juicy Joe was allegedly a prolific cheater.

Juicy served prison time for federal fraud charges, and so did Teresa. Then he was deported to Italy. Teresa and Juicy finally got divorced, but Juicy and Joe continued to spar in the press. Juicy slammed Joe’s wife, RHONJ star Melissa Gorga, for not defending his daughter, Gia Giudice, last season. He claimed that Joe stole from his own parents and sister.

Joe blamed Juicy for putting his mother, Antonia Gorga, in an early grave. Last season, during a screaming match with Teresa, Joe made the shocking allegation.

Well, Teresa found love again! RHONJ viewers finally laid eyes on Luis “Louie” Ruelas during the Season 11 finale as the couple went on a date. Joe and Melissa were pleased about the couple’s romance. Hey–when Joe had kidney issues, it was Louie who took him to the hospital. I hope we get to see Louie at a boys’ night next season. The New Jersey husbands are a riot.

On October 19, 2021, during a romantic trip to Porto, Heli, Greece, Louie asked Teresa to marry him. The proposal was extravagant and magical, with candles, roses, a violinist, and fireworks. There was even a sign that lit up and read, “Marry Me.” Now that is a proposal! Teresa’s long-time friend Dina Manzo and her husband, David Cantin, were with the couple on the trip.


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Teresa took to Instagram and shared a video of the fireworks as Louie proposed. Teresa wrote, “My Fiancé you are such a beautiful person inside and out. I love everything about you especially your heart and the way you treat me and my daughters.” She added, “I am so lucky to have found you thank you for coming into my life. I adore you endlessly,” Teresa said. “You are the love of my life, my soulmate and my everything.”

Joe spoke to US Weekly about Teresa and Louie’s engagement. “I’m so excited. I’m so happy for her. [Luis] came in like what she needed,” Joe said, admitting that he cried when he heard about their engagement. “She needed that Superman to come in and take her life and fix it, and that’s what he’s doing. I always said she needed a beast of a man, and he is one of them.” I’m going to assume that “beast” is a compliment.

Joe stated, “He’s living up to everything he’s talking about, so I’m just so happy that they’re in love. She’s ecstatic,” Joe explained. “She’s really, really happy. She always wanted to be loved, like, really loved, and he loves her.” Joe shared that Louie told him that he was going to pop the question. Melissa also knew in advance.


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“She’s so happy for her. Melissa’s a happy person,” Joe commented. “She’s had a great life. We’re happily in love and we have a great marriage, so Melissa just wants the same [for Teresa].” Oof.

When Teresa and Louie return from Greece, Joe is planning a get-together to celebrate. “We’ll do something, definitely. This is big news, this is nice,” the real estate developer remarked. “It was meant to be. It’s a beautiful thing and I love it.”

So, what about Juicy? Joe said that Teresa and Juicy’s daughters told him the news. “I don’t know if [Teresa] told him. I didn’t even ask that question,” Joe stated. “Don’t know, don’t care. Probably not. But it’s all good.”


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In case you were wondering, Juicy did make a comment about his ex-wife’s engagement. “I’m happy for Teresa and Louie, I give them my blessings,” Joe said. “I think they moved a bit quick into this romance but I’m glad she found her true love and wish them all the best.”


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