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Lala Kent Says She Feels The “Most Powerful, Independent, And Most Beautiful” That She Has Ever Felt Following Randall Emmett Cheating Scandal

Lala Kent has weathered her very public breakup from ex-fiance Randall Emmett like a champ.  She’s been discreet, and is clearly making motherhood her top priority.  And two months after calling of her engagement, the Vanderpump Rules star is settling into her new life as a single mom, including working out co-parenting with Randall for the sake of their daughter, Ocean.

The Give Them Lala author previously revealed that she and Randall only communicate through an app.  Now, People got all the details about how Ocean’s parents have split parenting time as well as how Lala planned to spend the first Christmas with her 9 month old daughter.

Lala and Randall have decided to co-parent on a “little bit of schedule.”  So far, the former duo have avoided court mandates for split parenting.  “Nothing is set in stone,” Lala explained, “I have her the majority of the time and there’s very little communication between the two of us.”

Though Randall’s infidelity caused humiliation and chaos, Lala credits motherhood for keeping her focus on what’s really important and giving her “strength that I cannot describe.”  The Vanderpump Rules star explained, “of course, I have my moments, but they don’t take me out.  It’s moments of confusion and trying to understand things.  But all in all, I feel like the most powerful, independent, and most beautiful that I have ever felt in my entire life.”

Lala also described her plans to spend Ocean’s first Christmas in Los Angeles.  She is “so excited” to share family traditions with her daughter, though Lala wants to spend future Christmases in Utah where she grew up.


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“Every gift under the tree is for her,” Lala said, “we decided not to do gifts this year except for Ocean.” She continued, “My upbringing, it was out of a Christmas movie.  It’s just the most incredible that you could have as a kid during the holiday season.  So I’m hoping that after this year I’ll be able to start that tradition of going back home.”

It’s a fresh start for Lala, who labeled Randall as “the worst thing to ever happen” to her during an appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast.  “I have to understand how the worst thing to ever happen or come into my life, how did they give me the best thing to ever happen in my life, ” she said, “it is such a mind f—.”

People previously reported that the Vanderpump Rules favorite was “blindsided” by Randall’s infidelity and “was living in the dark for so long.”
An insider said Lala, “is doing the best she can to keep her chin up and pushing forward with taking care of her daughter and supporting her family.  She is focusing all of her attention right now on the well-being of her daughter Ocean and keeping up with her many business ventures to provide for her family as a single mom.”
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