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Real Housewives Alum Elizabeth Lyn Vargas “Traumatized” After Being Held Captive By Ex In Her Home

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas only spent one season on Real Housewives of Orange County before she was shown the door. Which was unfortunate but I think she was a tad too vulnerable for the show. Despite having a really interesting background and a fun spirit around her. She really wanted to connect with the ladies but sadly, it didn’t work out and we haven’t heard much about her since. She is one of those housewives who leaves the show and then respectfully leaves it in the past.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth found herself in the news recently for a horrible incident. As reported by Page Six, an obsessive ex showed up at her home and held her hostage. Sources reveal that this ex had been trying to extort her. One insider shared, “He became obsessive with her and would show up at places and come by her house randomly. He asked her for money all the time, so she gave him a little money, but then threatened to start extorting her.” The ex also demanded she give him a car, to which she refused.

Given the intensity of the situation, Elizabeth made the smart decision to call the police. A source revealed, “She called the police yesterday, so police start monitoring the house, and he shows up. He runs in the house, holds her hostage, has a gun. When [police] realized he pulled a gun out, they raided.” This is extremely scary! Images appeared online showing a heavy police presence at her home, including the SWAT team. The standoff allegedly lasted about two hours and the man was arrested.


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Thankfully, Elizabeth wasn’t hurt. But her manager provided an update about her state of mind. He said, “She’s shaken up and had an extremely traumatic experience. Fortunately, the Newport Police Department saved her and she’s doing well.”Another insider disclosed, “She’s traumatized. She was held captive.”

This is all so terrible. Thank goodness Elizabeth is OK and hopefully has the support she needs to get through this. As we all know, another housewife, Dorit Kemsley, went through a traumatic experience herself recently. She was held at gunpoint in her home during a robbery. Dorit has also talked about her PTSD from the situation. Maybe she can reach out. Either way, we are sending healing vibes to Elizabeth.


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