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Celebrity Big Brother 3: Episode 8 Recap – Todrick Flips The House

So was there anything good on TV last night other than the newest episode of Celebrity Big Brother?

If you tuned in to the Super Bowl last night like tens of millions did around the world, then you missed the real fireworks, and an explosive war of words to end the episode. We first witnessed the remainder of the endurance wall competition that started on Friday’s episode, where Carson Kressley won his very first HOH of the season. It was hard-fought, and it had came down to himself and Todrick Hall. Todrick was starting to slip after nearly an hour in, and with Carson still steady as ever, Todrick decided to make a deal. Knowing that his closest ally Miesha Tate was the main target, Todrick did what he could to at least ensure his own safety. Todrick asked Carson to not put him up or backdoor him this week, in exchange for Todrick dropping off the wall. Carson quickly agreed, while Miesha looked on with disappointment.

Carson celebrated with his BFF, Cynthia Bailey as well as Shanna Moekler…the three, you may remember, were in an alliance at the very beginning of the game along with Todrick. Carson and the gals decided to remind Todrick of this, and called him into a bedroom where the three addressed Todrick directly. Carson basically told him that he has every intention to honor his agreement with Todrick made on the wall not to put Todrick up, but went on to tell Todrick that if he were to compete and win the POV comp, that Carson would expect him to NOT change the nominations. In other words, they were asking Todrick to leave his ride-or-die Miesha up on the block, ensuring her fate. What was Todrick to say? He went along begrudgingly because to defy the new HOH would put a huge target on himself and would in essence ruin the deal he had going with Carson.

But oh, Todrick is a crafty one, and he was not about to hang Miesha out to dry. He concocted a plan to throw Shanna under the bus in an attempt to shake-up the house and Carson‘s current power alliance. They first approached Carson’s right-hand-woman, Cynthia, and told her a fact grounded in truth: That Shanna was in fact playing both sides of the house early on in the game. But Todrick spiced up the story, embellishing a few facts here and there, and told Cynthia that not only was she playing both sides of the house, but that she specifically mentioned Carson and that she was targeting him as a huge threat.

Unbelievably, Todrick and Miesha‘s desperate plan worked like a charm. Cynthia called in Carson and the two bit on to the story hook, line and sinker. When they approached Shanna, they had already grown salty to say the least. Shanna tried defending herself, but it turned into a giant shouting match, mostly between Cynthia and Shanna. Cynthia felt betrayed and back-stabbed by Shanna, and Shanna – taken a bit off-guard to be sure – wasn’t exactly explaining her actions efficiently enough.

Todrick and Miesha stirred the pot and then watched the pot explode…they had to be holding in utter joy and excitement of the fractions that they had created. Shanna eventually decided she was done defending herself, and told Carson to do whatever he wanted to do, and that she was done trying to win them over.

Look, when you are stuck in the Big Brother house as these people are, it is easy to develop tunnel-vision and not have a grasp of the big picture. I think that Cynthia and Carson are a bit unrealistic and unreasonable to think that Shanna hasn’t talked game with anyone…to get this mad at her is a bit crazy in my opinion, as actions speak much louder than words and Shanna had already “drawn a line in the sand” and had voted with Carson and Cynthia! Shanna even pulled Carson off the block! That’s some odd behavior for someone secretly trying to plot against them. Given some time in real life, I think Cynthia and Carson would see this, but trapped in the game, their judgment is a bit cloudy.

Ultimately, Carson still nominated who he said he would: Miesha, along with Todd Bridges. While Miesha is still on the block, she has been given a chance to win her way off of it. Carson honors the first part of his deal with Todrick, and the option still exists to backdoor Shanna should they choose to. While this still could be the end of the line for Miesha, Todrick’s plan to flip the house seems to have succeeded at least to push Shanna in front of him as the next big target after Miesha.

One last thought: If anyone is wondering just why Miesha sees Carson as such a huge threat, look no further than Carson’s nomination ceremony. In nominating Todd along with Miesha, Carson – straight-faced – told Todd that he was nominating him because Todd is such a huge threat in the game. Ha! What a joke, right? But it showcases the incredible social game that Carson is playing, in that he isn’t even overlooking dead weight like Todd and/or Lamar Odom, knowing that their jury votes are just as important as anyone else’s.

We’ll soon find out how this all shakes out on Monday night’s live POV comp and eviction episode!

Here’s the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother Episode Schedule:

Week 3

Monday, Feb. 14 – 9-10 PM (POV comp and live eviction episode)

Wednesday, Feb. 16 – 8-9 PM (HOH and nominations)

Friday, Feb. 18 – 8-10 PM

Saturday, Feb. 19 – 8-9 PM

Week 4

Sunday, Feb. 20 – 8-9 PM

Monday, Feb. 21 – 9-11 PM

Wednesday, Feb. 23 – 8-9 PM (finale)

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