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Denise Richards Denies Brandi Glanville Hookup; Would Have Admitted It If It Was True

Denise Richards is finally opening up after the allegations of hooking up with Brandi Glanville. The gossip started from Brandi herself, who weaseled her way back onto the show for a cameo to share details with the cast. Denise denied Brandi’s recollection of what happened. But the damage was done and Denise’s fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates were all too happy to make it the storyline of the season. And as we all know, it drove Denise to make a hasty exit from the show after only her second season.

As reported by toofab, Denise made an appearance and Jeff Lewis’ Sirius XM show to discuss. Said Denise of the rumored sexual relationship with Brandi, “That’s not true. I never had a fling with her. I was so caught off guard and a week later I was in Rome where I was told that news and I was obviously very surprised by it.” Denise is referring to the grilling she received by her castmates while they were on a cast trip to Rome.

Denise said she had “no idea” if the storyline was pushed by production. But she noted that she found the scene where Brandi told Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave suspicious. Denise added sarcastically, “They magically had a mic for her.”

Denise then took the time to explain her side of things when it came to Brandi. She said she was introduced to Brandi through and agent, before the two filmed together. We probably all remember the scene of them having casual drinks together. And like Brandi said, Denise did visit her to interview for Brandi’s podcast. At this point, Denise claimed that Brandi “had a crush” on Denise’s longtime friend, Patrick Muldoon. And that Brandi hoped to interview him too.

Denise revealed, “He’s one of my best friends, so I was able to make that happen.” Denise then denied Brandi’s claim of them staying in the same room together. According to Denise, two of her daughters and a friend were staying in the room with her because she didn’t want them to be alone.


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Said Denise, “I don’t wanna get into … I don’t want to give her this platform, that’s why.” Denise tried to change the subject but continued, “When all that went down, I didn’t want to give … it was so unbelievable to me. She wants it to be a thing, that’s why I didn’t want to …”

Jeff backed her up and claimed that he “knew the whole story” and “100%” believes Denise. He said that he hoped asking her about it would change the minds of those who doubted her. Denise was indifferent and responded, “If people believe it, they’ll believe it. I don’t care. I’ve had worse things said about me, really horrible things.”

She went on, “I don’t wanna really get into the whole thing with her. She wasn’t even filming with us. It was the weirdest thing and the weirdest storyline. But looking back at some of the things that were brought up prior to that, I don’t know if it was set up along the way.”

Denise maintained that she is “very open” about her sexuality. And adamantly claimed, “If I f—ed her I would have said, ‘Yeah, I f—ed her, so what. Who gives a s—.’ Actually, it would have made an easier trip for me in Rome. I would say it, so what! But then there’s nothing to fight about.”


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Brandi, who is unwilling to let this go, was listening. She immediately tweeted out that Denise was lying and claimed she would be willing to take a lie detector test to prove she is telling the truth. Let’s not hold our breath on that one. Plus, we all know how well lie detector tests go over with housewives. Either way, it looks like this rumor is going to follow Denise around forever. Just like Brandi wants it, I’m sure.


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