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Brandi Glanville Claims Denise Richards Gave Ultimatum To Cancel Brandi’s Reunion Appearance On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 10; Lisa Rinna Confirms Brandi’s Claims

Have we all stopped applauding Erika Jayne for doing her own dishes yet? In Jesus Christ lady get the hell over it news, Brandi Glanville, award-winning Twitter personality and long-suffering veteran of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is talking about Denise Richards… AGAIN. Just out of curiosity, at what point does one become officially sick of hearing themselves pontificate over diamonds they lost?

Apparently not soon enough because Brandi’s third favorite thing to talk about behind herself and her cheating husband from eons ago, is Denise. It’s safe to assume Denise hasn’t thought about Brandi since the last time she took a shot and Glanville is nowhere close to her radar. But bless her damn heart, Brandi has a voice and she’s going to use it. She’ll curse, she’ll cry, and she’ll get help from fellow Denise-hater, Lisa Rinna. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when you have too much free time.

Garcelle Beauvais appeared on Watch What Happens Live and got Andy Cohen all hot and bothered when she mentioned Denise would entertain a return to RHOBH. The caveat, according to Garcelle, was “Somebody’s gotta go though…” Many assumed that meant Rinna because she treated her good buddy Denise like shit and then patted herself on the back for it. Denise responded and claimed she never issued an ultimatum and Brandi saw this as an opening to hopefully be relevant.

Yesterday on Twitter, Brandi posted, “Funny Denise claims not to have given Bravo an ultimatum with Rinna but she sure did with me! She told Bravo she would not participate in the reunion If I was there. So I was canceled morning of. Bravo paid me double cuz they felt bad #Ultimatim[sic]queen.” Let’s all take a moment and reflect on a 48-year-old woman with no discernable income calling someone else “ultimatum queen” and writing a post about something that happened over a year ago.


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It’s nice Brandi was paid double, but double of nothing is still nothing. We don’t know for certain if Denise said she didn’t want Brandi there, but Brandi previously said it was a “mutual decision” made between herself and Bravo. Here’s a handy quote, “We [Bravo and I] just talked about how I was feeling and how the [Housewives] were feeling and we honestly came to a mutual decision that instead of going to the reunion — as I was set to do — I would sit down separately with Andy [Cohen] and do more of a one-on-one.” Where is Denise’s ultimatum here? If Bravo “feels bad” and loves Brandi enough to pay her double, maybe they should have given her a job when she sent her kid to beg Andy.

Rinna reposted Brandi’s statement with “#truth” and the screenshot was shared by Commentsbybravo on their Instagram Story. The last time Rinna had any association with actual truth was approximately 1976, and I’m not certain who is looking at Rinna for notary confirmation on anything outside of what animal print to insult this week.


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Not for nothing how does #truth fit when Brandi herself claimed reunion producers “just didn’t want what happened last year where Camille [Grammer] came on at the end and everyone piled on Camille and Camille went crazy”. Not, apparently, an ultimatum issued by Denise. So which is it, honey? We’ll wait. #TRUTH #SUREJAN


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