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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Roman Rumors

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are jetting off to Rome in this all new episode. However, it’s doubtful Denise Richards will be enjoying herself. Is anyone else excited that we’re finally getting the “Bravo Bravo F***ing Bravo” moment? Denise has a lot to answer for after last week’s episode. Whether it’s true or not, Brandi Glanville set a lot in motion with those bombshells.

A trip to Rome should be luxurious and relaxing, but this group makes that an impossibility. It appears that Teddi definitely not in her father’s shadow Mellencamp is going full bone carrier. They’re insistent on letting her keep her diamond, so let’s make her work for it. Once she relays everything Brandi said at Kyle Richards house, s**t is going down. Will this shatter Denise’s friendship with these women? Time to find out!

Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Lisa Rinna’s mind is blown after learning about Brandi’s allegations. Trust me, that was all of us too. I don’t think before they started filming, anyone expected this. What a wild turn of events.

Rinna has a lot of conflicting feelings regarding the situation. She doesn’t know how to process because of her past with Brandi. Those two definitely did not get off to a good start back in Season 5. I’m pretty sure Brandi’s responsible for Rinna’s sudden obsession with wigs too. She gave her a full on complex about her “same hairdo for the last 20 years”.

All of that being said, it’s a little shocking to hear Rinna doubting Brandi’s story. I wasn’t expecting that at all. It was looking a lot like she just immediately sided with Brandi. LOVING the twists and turns of this season.

The rooms in their hotel are beautiful. All of the trips this group go on are breathtaking, and I’m forever stuck with FOMO. Dorit Kemsley has so many bags that I’m sure she could sneak me into at least one of them.

Rinna’s very stressed over the Brandi situation, and she’s in an awkward spot. Whatever she decides to do, it could complicate her relationship with Denise. However, you’d think after over 20 years of friendship, you’d be able to have a simple convo.

Sutton Stracke wasn’t able to go to Rome with the rest of the women yet. She had an issue with her passport, so she’ll be arriving late. Denise and Garcelle Beauvais aren’t there yet either. With all of these ladies still stuck stateside, I think Teddi’s going to stir stuff up at dinner. She’s already given Rinna a heads up, so Erika Jayne is probably next.

Not sure why Erika would be surprised by Denise having that opinion though. Last week Erika was an ice queen when Denise tried to talk to her. What about their interactions makes it shocking that Denise thinks she’s a “cold hearted bitch”? She should do some self reflection.

Dorit is totally in her element in a place like Rome. She’s become somewhat of a fashion ICON, and she’s already serving us looks. Bless you Dorit. This is what we needed. Thank you for a bit of glam in the midst of the chaotic drama that’s soon to come. We don’t deserve you.

The women already in Rome head to get drinks, and Dorit is sipping on some crazy juice. She shades Kyle for ordering a margarita because it’s not Italian. THEN RIGHT AFTER THAT SHE ORDERS A VODKA SODA. WHAT? How are you going to call her out when you ordered the most basic bitch drink ever?

Rinna decides to be her usual messy self and suggests playing a question game. Last time they played this game, Sutton ended Teddi in two seconds and sent her crying. Teddi is somehow unaware that she’s the most boring housewife, and it broke her. Poor thing.

Naturally, Teddi wants to play a nicer version of this game. Let’s not make the pregnant woman cry again. Can’t hurt the fawn in the wood’s feelings.

Kyle shares that when she was a teenager her mom called a family meeting about her losing her virginity. HOW UNCOMFORTABLE WOULD THAT BE? Kim Richards ratted her out after catching her in the act. I hope she shouted “you stole her goddamn virginity” to the guy. How iconic would that be?

Garcelle and Denise are finally in Rome and surprise all of the women at the bar. Teddi looks like she’s about to s**t her pants. She doesn’t look ready to confront this at all.

We praise Erika and Dorit for their fashion a lot, but Garcelle is delivering some top tier looks. She is here to snatch that crown ASAP. Her reunion outfit is magnificent. Keep giving us life Garcelle!

Garcelle Beauvais Sutton Stracke Erika Jayne Dorit Kemsley Kyle Richards Teddi Mellencamp Lisa Rinna Denise Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The women are off to explore Rome, and Erika’s outfit is definitely a choice. Not necessarily a choice I’d ever recommend, but a choice nonetheless. No amount of money could ever have me looking a fool like THAT.

The architecture of Rome is beautiful, but Rinna makes it weird talking about The Exorcist. What a bizarre turn to take this. I get it’s a fun trivia story to tell about churches being struck by lightning, but let’s not creep me out tonight. It’s dark as hell while writing this, and I’m already a paranoid person.

Denise shares a creepy story about her house being built on a burial ground, and her kids seeing ghosts. Every story she tells is so out there, but I believe this one. One time when I was waiting for the school bus as a kid, this woman appeared out of the woods. She was in a yellow t-shirt and jeans and had a very despondent look. She turned and looked at me, and then VANISHED as she walked near the cemetery across the street. I’ll never forget that. CHILLS. THERE IS NO WAY SHE COULD HAVE VANISHED LIKE THAT? Spooky s**t people.

SUTTON HAS ARRIVED! I can’t wait to see this rich bitch in a city like Rome. Also, how great is Sutton looking in her new at home confessional? That’s the best I’ve seen her. Also, think about all the money they’re going to shell out on this trip. They’re stupid rich. Kyle of course has to try and be the alpha and drop the most change. Eye roll.

I can’t stop laughing at Erika walking like a robot in the stores. I know it’s all in the name of fashion, but she’s moving like a beekeeper with a wedgie. Not feeling this “glam”.

Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Dorit has Kyle take some fire shots in front of the Trevi Fountain, but Kyle mocks her. Honey, you’re just jealous you will never be THAT. Dorit is the moment, and you may be the OG, but that’s about it. Dorit can pull off just about any look. Kyle does not have that ability. Her witchy f***ing poo reunion look is proof of that.

The last thing Teddi wants to do is go to dinner with Denise. She thinks Denise hates all of them, so it’s not that appealing. She had ample time to address it to Denise before dinner, so that’s on her. Teddi had all the time in the world to bring it up, but she made a conscious choice not to.

Lisa Rinna Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The dinner I’ve been talking about nonstop for a week is finally here. My family is so sick of me texting and calling them about this. They don’t care at all, but it’s all I’ve yapped about. Whether you’re Team Brandi or Team Denise, it’s still fun to watch. I feel like sometimes we get caught up in these shows and forget it’s a TV show.

Sutton calls Garcelle out for asking about where she got her money. Was not expecting this. It didn’t turn into a full blown feud though because Garcelle apologized. She’s a class act for sure. If she comes back next season, I think she’ll be one of the best housewives we’ve ever seen.

Denise Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Up next is Teddi. She addresses all of her issues with Denise, but Denise denies everything. Denise scoffs at the idea that Brandi is Teddi’s source and denies really talking to her. Things are so tense at this table. Rinna chimes in next and asks what she said about her. Again Denise denies. Same thing with Erika. At this points it’a almost everyone against Denise. A classic Beverly Hills scenario.

Everyone is totally up in arms at the table because Teddi, Rinna, and Kyle keep beating around the bush. Just say it already. However, Denise says if it’s a “dangerous area” tell it to her off camera. It’s a little late for that since Brandi already said it on camera, which Teddi relays to her. Time to face it head on.

Denise says “there’s no truth to that” which blew my mind a little. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m with Teddi here. The way Denise responded to her made it seem like Denise already knew what it was. Bingo. Denis is totally unraveling at this dinner.

Denise Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Rinna doesn’t want to be the one to tell her after the Munchhausen drama that went down with Yolanda Hadid. Being the bone collector puts you right in the line of fire. Teddi is choosing this hill to die on right now. You’d think fan perception of her, she’d be less willing to be the one here. Nope. She’s all in.

Teddi decides to end the torturing and says Brandi said they had sex. Garcelle asks her straight up if they had sex, but Denise nervously laughs it off. It gets brought up that Brandi said Denise and Aaron Phypers have a certain arrangement. Denise then says that Aaron was there. Wait what? What do you mean he was there? They haven’t even said when Brandi was referring to. Keep digging that hole Denise. She even says that her kids were there.

I don’t think it’s anyone’s business if Denise and Brandi had sex. Let me put that out there. However, I think the issue is Denise’s pattern of lying. Denise starts saying Bravo repeatedly. She begs them not to air the footage. I’m really upset watching this because she truly doesn’t deserve this. You can tell she’s almost scared about it. They flash to five weeks earlier where the original “bravo bravo f***ing bravo” took place. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT. Things are looking so bad for Denise right now image wise.

Denise says she is a very married woman and loves her husband. Erika says Denise doesn’t have to explain herself. Technically she doesn’t, but she’s on a reality show, and that’s literally the whole point. Whatever. You really shouldn’t get to pick and choose what you show, but they all do it. It’s nauseating.

Out of nowhere Sutton and Teddi get into it about what Teddi cares about most in this situation. Sutton claims she’s known about Brandi and Denise allegedly having sex for a few months. Unlike Kyle and Teddi though, she kept it to herself. Loving the loyalty of Sutton here. It’s not hard to be a decent friend. For this group it seems to be though.

Dorit tries to explain how it was a burden on Teddi that she released, but Kyle cut her off. Looks like they’re going to feud again. These two start making it into a whole new issue, but the Denise stuff still has me floored. She mentions wanting a lawyer and that if Bravo wants her on the show, they need to cut this. Honey, that’s NEVER going to happen.


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