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Whitney Rose Defends Herself After Questioning Meredith Marks About Her Dad’s Memorial Service

Whitney Rose did not do herself any favors on this season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Her main story line was rebranding her skin care that no one has heard of anyway. Oh, and repeatedly trying to force a confrontation with Mary Cosby, who couldn’t even be bothered to care. I don’t really blame her. Were Mary and Whitney ever friends to begin with?

But Whitney likely recognized she was getting nowhere fast and had to pivot quickly. Her next target was Meredith Marks, who the women were already starting to pile up on. The accusation amongst the group was that Meredith skipped out on riding in the sprinter van on their cast trip because she tipped off the feds to Jen Shah being there.

The trip ended before it began for Jen, who was arrested shortly thereafter. Meredith has staunchly denied the claim. When the women started questioning Meredith about it in Zion, Meredith insisted she wasn’t present to travel with them because she was at her deceased father’s memorial service. The women brow beat her about it incessantly, one of those being an intoxicated Whitney.


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As reported by Reality Blurb, the Bravo fan account @cici.loves.you rightfully came for Whitney regarding her actions this season. The post read in part, “I seriously can’t with these girls. Still talking about Meredith’s [father’s] memorial is absolutely [disgusting].”

Cici then references when Whitney threw it back in Meredith’s face that she previously hired a private investigator. Cici added, “Whitney was 100% wrong here. She seemed to agree because she told Jen and Jennie [Nguyen] she regretted what she said. Jen Shah takes this opportunity to high five Whitney and celebrate the ‘should I have called a private investigator to find out what the memorial service was?’ comment. That is some low class behavior. Truly [disgusting].”


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Whitney defended herself in the comments and said, “I was very supportive of [Meredith] and I think she would agree that I was there for her and trying to support her. My delivery sucked but I was trying to help her out. When she lost her father, I showed up and spent time with her and took her to different healing sessions but unfortunately non of those scenes aired.”

Whitney also claimed that she wasn’t the one who started the questions about Meredith’s father’s service. She concluded, “I completely understand your perspective and realize how it appears but I just want you to realize that it wasn’t me who started the speculation. I just got tangled in someone else’s mess.”


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