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Heather Gay Thinks Lisa Barlow Chose “To Weaponize” Meredith Marks’ Father’s Memorial Service

This season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has been wild. Much of the controversy started with Jen Shah’s arrest. The cast was in a Sprinter van in the parking lot of Heather Gay’s business, Beauty Lab, as they prepared to head to Vail. Jen told her RHOSLC co-stars that there was a family emergency and left. The van was surrounded by law enforcement officers looking for Jen. Mary Cosby and Meredith Marks were not in the van.

Jen was arrested on March 30, 2021. She was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering. When the ladies in the van learned of Jen’s arrest, they were shook. Lisa Barlow called six of her attorneys, and then called Meredith. She claimed that Meredith was at her father’s memorial service.

Jen alleged that Heather told her that Meredith was involved in calling the feds. “On the bus too, they say she lied about having the memorial,” Jen stated.

Meredith denied having anything to do with Jen’s arrest. She also denied tipping off the feds about Jen. During the cast trip to Zion, Lisa went into Meredith’s room in the middle of the night to explain how Heather and Whitney Rose were questioning if Meredith really went to her father’s memorial service at all. The ladies woke up to a raging Meredith.

Whitney asked Meredith point-blank when her father’s memorial took place. Lisa thought that it was during the van ride to Vail, while Heather said that it was a day earlier. Meredith finally told the cousins that her father’s memorial was the day before the trip to Vail. That gifted Whitney and Heather the chance to point out that Lisa was the source of the confusion. Lisa claimed that she called Meredith during the memorial service.


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Meredith even delivered receipts. The jewelry designer tweeted a screenshot of the booking details for the hotel she stayed in during the memorial. The tweet has since been removed.

According to Reality Blurb!, the ladies blamed each other for questioning the memorial service on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City After Show. “Lisa was leaving Hansel and Gretel breadcrumbs for all of us,” Heather stated.

She continued, “The only person that ever questioned when she was having a memorial and [if] there’s possibly any discrepancy about when she had the memorial was Lisa.” Oh, Heather. You and Lisa discussed it in Zion.

Heather remarked, “For Lisa to weaponize it and say that Meredith was lying about it and using it as a cover-up so that she could not be on the party bus was just like, ‘If this is your fight, Lisa, then fight it out. And Meredith, if you want to stop it, say when and where you had the memorial,’” she said. “Neither one of them would say what they needed to say to resolve it.”


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Whitney explained, “I was trying to help Meredith understand that what we were trying to say is just acknowledge the fact it is not lining up. Please acknowledge. Can you please tell us what day and time your father’s memorial was?” Whitney commented. “It would solve the whole thing.”

Lisa threw Whitney and Heather under the Sprinter bus. “[They] were the ones saying, ‘I think Meredith called the FBI on you,’” Lisa stated. “And I was so confused. They had obviously all had conversations that I wasn’t a part of. And then your brain starts putting things together and you’re like, ’This isn’t making sense,’” Lisa added.

Mary said that her RHOSLC co-stars’ behavior was caused by jealousy. “They like to get in their little group and start making stuff up and just digging in Meredith’s life and trying to come up with their own reasoning why Meredith was not on the bus to me was cruel, very cruel,” Mary remarked.


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Meredith was, of course, the person hurt the most by this amateur sleuthing. “It was like you have a scab that is just sort of healing and just sort of scabbing over and they ripped it right off,” Meredith stated.


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