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Kelly Dodd Claims Heather Dubrow Got Physical With Production

Kelly Dodd continues her smear campaign against Heather Dubrow. Despite being axed from Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly continues to make it her whole identity, and maybe the only way she can get an interview these days. And almost all of her ire is directed right at Heather, who she has blamed for her firing. Heather vehemently denies the claim and there is no evidence that Kelly’s accusation is true.

But Kelly presses on with her vendetta. And she’s escalating her allegations against Heather. As reported by Heavy, Kelly appeared on the podcast Discretion Advised with hosts John Hill and Marc MacNamara. Kelly started by explaining a text change she had with current cast member, Emily Simpson.

Kelly alleged, “When that whole dinner party happened with Heather, remember when she allegedly hit somebody in production?” Kelly texted Emily and said, “Heather is an actress, if you throw something at her, she’s going to go crazy…” To which Emily allegedly responded, “Yeah that’s right you can’t talk off-camera, you have to say it on camera.”


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Kelly continued to detail her supposed texts with Emily. While Kelly didn’t reveal which dinner party she was referencing, she was likely discussing the sushi party Heather had at the beginning of season 16. A verbal fight broke out when Gina Kirschenheiter told Heather that her friend, Nicole James, previously sued husband Terry Dubrow. The information came from Shannon Beador, who Heather has had longstanding issues with. This prompted Heather to try and shut down cameras and kicked everyone out of her house.

Kelly claimed that Emily texted her, “[Heather] flipped out on [production] and started screaming at them and tried to shut down the cameras and she was yelling ‘cameras down!’” Kelly answered, “‘God she’s the same I’m dying laughing. She used to talk down to them.” Emily supposedly replied, “She still does.”

Despite seemingly having a good relationship with Emily, Kelly then threw her under the bus. Kelly asserts that Emily is afraid of Heather and should be telling Heather all of this to her face. When Kelly confronted her on this, she said that Emily texted, “She’s scary.”


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When the hosts asked Kelly to clarify her allegations of Heather getting physical, she tried to clarify her unconfirmed allegation. Said Kelly, “[Heather] didn’t kick somebody she apparently pushed somebody and then somebody from production told Noella [Bergener] and that person in production got fired.”

She continued, “Noella said she didn’t see it but a producer ran up to her and told her what happened and Emily said that [Heather] was yelling, demanding cameras down, going crazy and then in the text [Emily] was like, ‘I can’t believe Heather can get away with this.’”

As if it isn’t obvious enough, when Kelly was asked how she feels about Heather, she responded, “I hate her.” Kelly added that she would love to come back to the show (I’m sure she would). She credits the production company, Evolution Media with being “great.”


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She continued, “I want [the show] to go on so all those people can have jobs cause they’re just wonderful people but I have to say I’m glad that the ratings are really down because of Heather Dubrow.” The hosts pressed Kelly on that assertion. Kelly doubled down and replied, “Oh yeah, big time. Lower than ever.”

Anytime a housewife is being accused of physical violence, it’s a serious matter. And it’s important to note that these claims are made by Kelly and Kelly only and NOT confirmed.


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