Kelly Dodd Says Bravo Should Have “Better Vetted” Jennie Nguyen Before Hiring Her

Kelly Dodd is no stranger to controversy. In fact, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star has made a living off of it. While she was still employed as a housewife, Kelly made insensitive comments about the coronavirus and mocked the Black Live Matter movement with a silly hat. Both fans and Bravo had enough of antics. But that hasn’t deterred Kelly one bit. Since her firing, she’s become even more unhinged. She’s made transphobic comments on Instagram and even claimed that Heather Dubrow’s minor child gave her covid.

Now that Kelly isn’t under Bravo’s watchful eye, she’s free to be her fully offensive self. She started a podcast with her husband, Rick Leventhal, where they talk about….housewives. Yep, that’s her content. For someone who continuously made jabs about the network and how they treated her, she sure does love talking and profiting off it.

So of course, where there is housewives scandal, there’s Kelly adding her two cents. As reported by Page Six, Kelly took to a recent episode of her YouTube channel to discuss the firing of Jennie Nguyen. The now former Real Housewives of Salt Lake City newbie found herself in a firestorm of controversy after racially offensive memes from her old Facebook account resurfaced.


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As far as Kelly is concerned, it comes down to vetting and background checks that Bravo should have done. Said Kelly, “Should they have better vetted Jennie? Probably. But that’s on them.” She then distanced herself from any comparisons. Kelly added,“This is about Bravo and Andy Cohen, not me. This is their brand and their business. If they feel they need to fire her, that’s their decision. I don’t work for them anymore. I did, and they fired me, and a lot of people think they fired me for the wrong reasons but that was Bravo’s choice.”

Kelly continued to make sure that no one gets her confused with Jennie and her actions. She stated, “Don’t lump me in with this chick. I don’t know her and I’m not getting involved in what she did or didn’t say. I don’t know if she’s racist but I do know I am not!” Kelly concluded, “I know what racism feels like. I grew up Mexican on the west side of Phoenix with a very diverse group of friends, and I still have a very diverse group of friends.”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]