Andrea Denver

Andrea Denver Was In A Jennifer Lopez Music Video

While Andrea Denver continues to grace me with his presence on Summer House, I will continue to sing his praises from the rooftops. I’m just obsessed with our little Italian model who just wants to respect ladies and have a good time. I would do anything to spend a day inside eating pasta and gossiping about everything with him. Safe to say, I am a total Stan.

We met the Italian Stallion on Winter House, which he (unfortunately) will not be returning to for Season 2. He quickly started a romance with Paige DeSorbo and I immediately was ready for them to get married. Andrea brought Paige and Ciara Miller coffee in bed, and that was only the beginning of his charming ways. Unfortunately for him, Paige broke his little heart by picking Southern Charm star Craig Conover instead. All I have to say is GIRL, WHY?

But it’s still nothing but good vibes as Andrea has moved on in a new relationship, and Craige are sew in love. Andrea is still trying to be respectful of his friend Craig when it comes to his interactions with Paige, like the absolute King he is. That’s the thing about Summer House — everyone can hook up one day, argue the next and then return the following weekend to party like the best of friends.

Before Andrea became the reality TV star he was born to be, he made a name for himself as a model. I’m sure it’s not surprising if you’ve ever taken one glimpse at that man’s washboard abs. We previously learned that Andrea had a few major gigs, such as playing the love interest in a Taylor Swift music video. Now, Bravo sleuths have discovered that he also has a connection to Jennifer Lopez. Thankfully, it’s a professional relationship, not through the six degrees of Madison LeCroy.


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Instagram account @brandsbybravo posted a meme featuring screenshots of JLo’s “I Luh Ya Papi” video featuring French Montana. If you look closely, you’ll see a baby-faced Andrea sporting a speedo and looking good doing it. The meme read,” Paige is worried about competing with Kristin from The Hills of California but I would be more worried about Jenny from the block.” For real, Kristin Cavallari causing drama in the Summer House/Southern Charm universe is one thing. But THE Jennifer Lopez being so involved will always catch me off guard.

I wonder if JLo and Andrea had any interesting interactions on set, or if he was merely brought in to be eye candy in the background. If Madison and Andrea were single, I would say it’d be hilarious for them to hook up and complicate this web even more. We know one thing that would be certain — Austen Kroll would have an absolute meltdown. 


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]