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Alex Rodriguez Denies Contacting Madison LeCroy After Breakup With Jennifer Lopez; Sources Claim She Ignored His Messages

Madison LeCroy has worked double-time to get a full-time spot on Southern Charm. Since she busted Austen Kroll cheating on her, Madison has not been afraid to be explosive and polarizing, which at least makes for good TV. Like the SC reunion episodes was really the Madison and Austen show, as they went back and forth with Craig Conover and Shep Rose getting right in the middle.

At the reunion, it was revealed that Madison’s penchant for athletes expands way beyond her rumored “hookup” with Jay Cutler. The FaceTime dates with Alex Rodriguez, the then-fiance of Jennifer Lopez, were heard around the world. There were rumors of NDAs, secret DMs and a whole lot of messiness. Since the news broke, JLo and ARod called of their engagement because obviously, a superstar like JLo doesn’t have time to be with a man chasing after Instagram models.

Madison may have polarized viewers, but she definitely secured a spot for next season of Southern Charm. She’s doubled-down that she and ARod were never physical, but it’s obvious she’s loving the attention. Like, you have to be a whole other level of into yourself if you call the paparazzi on yourself or comment on your social media using fake fan accounts. But at least she’s getting that coin without being in the most toxic relationship of all time.

Since the news of JLo and ARod’s split broke, Madison has been working hard to insert herself in the narrative again. A “source” close to Madison (probably Madison herself) claims that the MLB superstar reached out to her after his breakup, but she “ignored” him, Page Six reports. “She’s completely over it,” the person said, adding that Madison “always rolled her eyes and ignored [Alex] when he supposedly attempted to contact her.” Alright like who really knows the truth, but this sounds fishy.


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The source went on to say that the former Yankees player wanted to meet up with Madison at the PGA Championship in South Carolina. “It was a good excuse to be in the same place,” the insider says. Madison didn’t give any further comment aside from saying, “I wish him well and happy to put this in my past.” But girl, are you really?

ARod, who again I repeat is a major superstar, didn’t have time for the reality TV rumors. “I’m not sure who’s looking to benefit from these types of rumors and false stories. They are factually incorrect,” Ron Berkowitz, a spokesperson for ARod, told Page Six. “Alex is busy concentrating on his businesses and his family.” Madison is with a new guy, who may or may not be Whitney Sudler-Smith (If you ask Patricia Altschul, she says it’s a load of crap.) And now we’ve heard Madison’s side and ARod’s side, and the truth is definitely somewhere in the middle. But we’ll probably never find out considering ARod seems to be into NDAs.


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