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Carl Radke Says Watching Austen Kroll And Lindsay Hubbard Hook Up On Summer House Will Be “Tough” Now That He’s Dating Lindsay

We’re just days away from the Season 6 premiere of Summer House and this summer looks like it might be the most dramatic yet. The rocky road leading up to Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s wedding is like a dark cloud over everything. Meanwhile, we have Paige DeSorbo getting serious with Craig Conover, even though her Italian lover Andrea Denver will be in the Hamptons this go around. Then we have the mess that is Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll, who can’t restrain himself from heading to New York to wreck everything up. Thankfully, we’ll also have Carl Radke back on our TVs after wayyyy too long.

If you haven’t heard the news, Carl and Lindsay Hubbard are officially official yet again. Yes, there’s something in the Atlantic Ocean making all these Bravolebs fall in love with each other. But based on the Season 6 trailer, Linds seems to have one last rendezvous with Austen before crawling back to Carlito. And in an interview with Us Weekly, Carl has chimed in on how it feels to watch his girlfriend hook up with his friend on TV. I’m sure you’re aware of First World Problems, but now I give you Good Vibe Tribe Problems. The rest of us normies will never understand.

Carl knew that Lindsay and Austen had a close relationship going into the summer and even well before the filming of Winter House. “I always was supportive of their friendship, and I even was like, ‘Yeah, you and Austen should have fun, go for it. I mean, do your thing.’ So I’ve always wanted Lindsay to be happy,” Carl said. I’M SWOONING. Carl is such a self-aware King. Linds better not break his perfect little heart.


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Carlito went on to explain that Linds is an adult who can make her own decisions, even though he is protective of his No. 1 Amiga. “I wanted her to have the best summer she could have because — based on both of our previous summers — I think we were all needing to let loose a bit,” he said. So even though the rumors of Carl and Linds have been going around for months, it sounds like the two will keep it PG on the show for now.

If you watched the Summer House trailer, the graphic pillow talk between Linds and Austen has probably been burned into your brain like it has for me. Carl admits that it will be “a little tough” to watch some of the scenes of next season. “But I’ll be sitting next to her watching it,” he added. “Yes, the show was filmed six, seven months ago, but I try to remain present and just remember where we are right now. I mean, we all have previous relationships. We’ve all had makeouts and hookups that have been on this show. So, it’s like, ‘What’s another one?'” Such a positive king. Bring on Season 6, Bravo.


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