Kandi Burruss Kandi And The Gang

Kandi & The Gang Series Premiere Recap: Doors Open, Lights Off

The Kandi Burruss Vanderpump Rules-style spinoff is finally here! This has been a long time coming, but Kandi always delivers. Her hustle is harder than most of her ATL castmates. She’s always finding new ways to expand her business empire.

Kandi and Todd Tucker want to get back into the OLG restaurant to get things back on track. The staff’s off doing whatever they want to do, and things are off the rails. They bringing in a new guy named Phillip Frempong from Blaze to direct things. However, the only thing he looks like he’s directing is his abs.

Phillip says he’s a strong-minded person, and he seems super stuck on himself. He knows he’s good-looking, and it shows. I’m not sure the staff is going to take him seriously.

It’s a Don Juan sighting! Usually, he’s dealing with her other business ventures, but he’s at OLG right now. Shawndreca Robinson is the first host of OLG, and the YELP reviews aren’t favorable of her. Dom’unique doesn’t seem too invested in OLG. Dance is her passion, and that’s her top priority. It shows.

Watching everyone in the staff at the beginning of this episode makes it clear why the business is struggling. Between the drama of the Old Lady Gang and the lazy staff, this place needs a lot of help. Kandi’s finally taking charge of her business, so hopefully, things start to change.

Shawndreca Kandi And The Gang

Shawndreca doesn’t like Phillip. He’s been there for two seconds, and she’s already giving a nasty attitude. Change has to happen if this business is going to stop failing. Phillip doesn’t want personalities to fight him every step of the way. If he’s there, there’s a reason. If things were going well for the business, Phillip’s arrival wouldn’t be needed.

Don Juan mediates a conversation between Phillip & Shawndreca. He needs Shawndreca to be open to change. She’s being so openly disrespectful to her new business. She has zero professionalism. Her ass needs a reality check, or she needs to be shown the door.

Shawndreca doesn’t like being talked to negatively, but she’s the most negative. Don Juan’s trying to get Shawndreca to get her shit together, but she’s freaking out. Customers are arriving soon, so she needs to collect herself. Phillip sends Shawndreca home after overhearing her talking shit about him. These two need to both reset and try and get back on the same page.

Phillip thinks Shawndreca might need to be shown the door. Kandi doesn’t understand why he’d send her home, but Todd agrees with Phillip’s decision. I get that Phillip came in hot, but the way Shawndreca’s behaving is not conducive to a productive workplace.

Mama Joyce Kandi And The Gang

The ladies behind Old Lady Gang breathe so much life into me. They’re so rude, and I’m living. Nora, Bertha, & Joyce are all on the same page about the employees sucking at OLG. None of them are worth a damn.

Kandi never expected her mother and aunts to be in the restaurant working it. It was more of a photo-op thing, but now they’re heavily involved. Getting into it with the employees is a bad look. But also, why are these women over 80 years old out there trying to throw down?

Kandi enlists the help of former employee Torin Mitchell to put together a “family reunion” of sorts. This is supposed to get people invested in the restaurant again. It’s about time for life to be breathed back into this dying business.

Shawndreca is a reality TV star. She’s annoying in so many ways, but she’s already one of the breakout stars. That’s obvious. She’s a scene-stealer throughout this episode. Anything worth talking about coming out of this premiere is going to center around her. Period.

Torin wants to return to OLG because it’s Black-owned. His energy is fun and fab, but I’m waiting for him to butt heads with someone. Kandi’s bringing back all of these former faces to shake things up, and his return might rub people wrong.

Another former employee named Brian Redmond is also invited to return to the show. It’s a little awkward because he’s promoting his own current business at the same time. Everyone’s fun, but a lot of them are slightly opportunistic.

Phillip Kandi And The Gang

Shawndreca showing up late on a busy day is so unacceptable. She’s unaware of anything but her own ego. Despite her tardiness, Phillip’s willing to move forward with her. Progress can be made!

Brandon’s not feeling Phillip either. Is there anyone in the existing regime that is a fan of his? If he continues to rub everyone the wrong way, he risks alienating all of the stuff. If nobody ever gets on good terms with him, they’re never going get out of the rut they’re in.

Everything is so chaotic in the restaurant. There’s not a lot of communication among the staff. Customers are strewn about the building because nobody is doing their job to get them to a table. The employees are more worried about who they can climb into bed with than customer service. Kandi’s in for a long road if she wants to turn OLG around and make it prosper again.

There’s so much sexual tension between Brandon & Dom’unique Variety. We have to love that nobody has boundaries in this restaurant. This is a walking HR crisis, but let’s enjoy it for what it is. Highly entertaining thus far.

To make things worst, the POWER goes out. How is this happening? It’s hot at hell for everyone already, and this will send them over the edge. No customer wants to sit in a hot-ass restaurant with subpar service.

Customers sitting around with FLASHLIGHTS on a SATURDAY is a mess. Kandi makes her rounds to the customers to apologize for the power going out. What horrible timing that it happened when she showed up.

Phillip’s not happy that OLG doesn’t have a generator to fix this issue. Right now, the restaurant isn’t performing at the level they need to because Kandi & Todd are being too cheap. That’s simplifying it a little bit, but AM I?


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