Southern Charm New Orleans Couple Kelsey Nichols And Justin Reese Are Having A Baby

SOUTHERN CHARM NEW ORLEANS -- Pictured: Justin Reese -- (Photo by: Tyler Kaufman/Bravo)

Am I the only one who remembers Southern Charm New Orleans fondly? There was just so much drama. All. The. Time. The thing I liked most about the Southern Charm spin-offs was that they featured real, long-time friends and family. Unlike, per se, all of the Real Housewives iterations. Just saying.

What’s not to like about crazy NOLA paranormal activity hunting? Or consummate gentleman Jeff Charleston looking the other way as his ex-wife Reagan Charleston pretended not to be pregnant right in front of him. And obviously so. There was the art of Jon Moody, and his incessant need to always have women around his quite taken friends.

Then of course we had the merry-go-round relationship between Barry Smith and Tamica Lee. Girlfriend just couldn’t keep her mouth shut. About anything. Ever. She definitely brought it.

One of the most interesting relationships was between Justin Reese and Kelsey Nichols. Kelsey started the show as Justin’s nurse girlfriend, who he was not 100 percent about. Not to mention Tamica didn’t like her. Not one bit. Then of course the two of them moved in with his parents while remodeling Justin’s old family home together. Justin’s mom had a whole lot to say about all of it.

Kelsey wanted an engagement, a ring, a wedding, and children. She got Roux the dog, instead. Not quite an even trade, no. By the time the show had ended, there were rumors of a break-up. Yet the two still lived together. Oh, and there was the ultimatum heard round the world. Kelsey gave Justin a date he had to propose, or she would walk.


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Well that date has long come and gone. About three years gone. Kelsey and Justin still haven’t gotten married or engaged. And now, they are expecting a baby together. Girl, you do understand what an ultimatum is, right? Asking for a friend.

Ultimatum discussion aside, Justin and Kelsey seem genuinely excited for their upcoming addition. Justin wrote on Instagram, “So there’s something big and life changing we need to share. In a few months we will be welcoming our Baby Girl and future Spelmanite @spelman_college into the world!”

Kelsey also shared the news on her Instagram feed. “We have EXCITING news to share. In just a few months, our Baby Girl will be here!!” Aww, I may kid, but a new baby is exciting news. I just wish they were still filming Southern Charm NOLA so we could come along for the ride.


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[Photo Credit: Tyler Kaufman/Bravo]