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Madison LeCroy Says Her Fiance Brett Randle Will Not Appear On Southern Charm Because Wants To Avoid Hearing “Input Of All The Haters”

Madison LeCroy has really made her mark on reality TV despite not being an OG cast member on Southern Charm. Her toxic relationship with Austen Kroll gave her one good thing — a regular TV gig. Otherwise, it was nothing but a disaster. We first were introduced to Madison with the threesome video that broke the internet. Fans had to meet the woman who busted Austen on camera LITEARLLY with his pants down. Since then, we’ve all been subjected to the messed-up dynamics of their relationship. One minute they’re soulmates, next they’re seeking revenge on one another. Austen is just a penchant f-boy while Madison likes to say things that cut deep. It’s a match made in hell.

Thankfully (especially for Craig Conover), the pair finally broke up. It seemed like, for a second there, they would get back together, but they finally came to their senses. Austen’s been busy doing what he normally does — leading a bunch of girls on and lacking accountability for his incapability to commit. We all witnessed his behavior on Winter House. Meanwhile, Madison seems to have finally found her Budweiser. And she’s not going to let anything, especially a silly little reality show, ruin it for her.

Madison got a ring on her finger and turned into an entirely new person. It was a slow start as it sounded like she was a little traumatized from her relationship with Austen while getting into this new one. But her man, Brett Randle, apparently wants to make her forgo her villainous ways and be a better person. She wants the whole shebang — the husband, the house, the kids. And to ensure that, she’s keeping him off of Southern Charm for good.

Cheat Sheet reports that Madison was asked if Brett would join her on the show at all. We know there will be a lot of cross-overs with exes — Austen is still on the show and Naomie Olindo is returning just as Craigy enters a new relationship with Summer House queen Paige Desorbo. Don’t even get me started on all the girls that Shep Rose has history with. But Madison doesn’t want her new man to pursue reality TV fame whatsoever. “My fiance will not be on Southern Charm. I hate to say that,” she said. “But you know, it’s just not his thing. And not only that, but I want this to work.”


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Apparently, the only way to do that is to keep their relationship as private as possible. “I love him so much, and I hate that if people were mean to him, I would go bats**t crazy,” Madison added. We’ve all seen that side of her before, and it’s honestly pretty frightening. In order to avoid that, she’s keeping him far away from Charleston’s most debaucherous crowd. Her co-stars won’t even be invited to her big day, that’s how serious she’s taking this. Keeping it private also avoids her from having “the input of all the haters on there” giving their two cents about her relationship. Sounds like she’s talking about the dynamic duo of Craig and Shep, and probably bitter ol’ Austen too. Madison can’t threaten those two scaring away Budweiser Brett.


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