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Fans React After Austen Kroll Told Ciara Miller He Didn’t Know Black People Used Sunscreen

Double standards indeed. Last night’s episode of Summer House was a study in double standards. It was also clearly the Austen Kroll show. Why that is, I still can’t figure out. But Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller were once again at each other’s throats over the Muppet king. It’s got both me and Paige DeSorbo shaking our heads and wondering if we are back on Winter House.

Austen hadn’t even shown up yet, and Lindsay and Ciara were already at odds over why he was coming to visit in the first place. Apparently after taking some time off, Lindsay and Austen were back on the friend track, although they hadn’t seen one another since Vermont. So, she invited him down for her 35th birthday extravaganza. As you do.

Ciara had seen Austen since Winter House, when she and Paige went to visit Charleston and Craig Conover several months ago. But she didn’t invite him to the Hamptons. Why was she so pressed about Lindsay saying he was coming for her birthday? I just don’t get it.

Then there was the whole room debacle. Andrea Denver was out of town for the evening, so it would make sense that Southern Charm visitor Austen would take his room. Right? That’s what Austen thought. Except no. Lindsay wanted him to spend her birthday eve with her, in her room, and assumed as her guest he would be doing so.


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Ciara threw a fit over this. Ciara told Austen and anyone else who would listen that Austen was absolutely not allowed to do so. It was really uncomfortable to watch. Luke Gulbranson, who has made no bones about his dislike of Ciara, attempted to call out her double standard. After all, she made out with Austen in front of him. She’s also made her interest in both Alex Wach and Carl Radke known all summer. Boys got a point.

Why Ciara, why. Especially when this man-child you’re into lets it slip that he had no idea that as a Black woman, you too would wear sunscreen. My head snapped back so hard at that statement I gave myself whiplash. Austen, Austen, Austen. Could you be any more ignorant? And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Pretty much the entire Twitterverse exploded, “Austen did not just ask Ciara if she even wears sunscreen.”

A Summer House fan quipped, “The fact that Austen is shocked Ciara needed sunscreen is confirmation she needs to forget this man. Melanin burns too sir!” Couldn’t have put it better myself.


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Another Twitter user wasn’t surprised, “Of course Austen didn’t know that Black people need to use sunscreen.”

The lack of surprise people have, that this is Austen, is astounding. Apparently I’m not the only one who doesn’t expect much of him. “Austen questioning if Ciara wears sunscreen… typical,” another viewer pointed out.

I got to say, it’s disheartening to see this much lack of awareness. Especially after the really nice moment the house had at the beginning of the season surrounding Mya Allen‘s reality of being a Black woman in the Hamptons. As one twitter fan put it, “Austen being a grown ass man shocked that Black people wear sunscreen. Ciara…”


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I think the general consensus here is that this should be a red flag for Ciara. “Not Austen thinking Black ppl don’t use sunscreen. Ciara, sis, ruuuuuun!” Everything about this situation was as cringeworthy as watching grown women attempt to out do one anther for Austen’s attention.


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