Carl Radke And Kyle Cooke Think That Ciara Miller Is Too Good For Austen Kroll

I feel the need to spend time drawing out a massive web to keep track of every hook-up, fling, and relationship going on in the Summer House and Southern Charm universe. Austen Kroll realized he caused enough trouble on Southern Charm thanks to his insane relationship with Madison LeCroy, so he’s moved on to torment a new pot of women. We saw it go down on Winter House, when Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller were caught in a love triangle with Austen.

But Austen isn’t emotionally mature enough for a relationship, and he continues to prove that. Luckily, Lindsay finally snapped out of it and escaped from Austen’s spell. In my opinion, she’s winning — now she’s dating Carl Radke, who is like the opposite of Austen when it comes to being a good boyfriend. Austen and Lindsay won’t totally part ways before one last rendezvous in the Hamptons before Carl and Linds went official. And now, they are totally at odds. I haven’t even mentioned the love triangle we’re currently watching between Paige DeSorbo, Craig Conover and Andrea Denver. We’ll save that for another time because this already is already too much to follow.

While Austen and HubbHouse are on the outs, he’s never saying never to a future with Ciara. But once he’s “ready” for a relationship, which will probably be never. In a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Carlito and Kyle Cooke shared their opinions on whether or not Ciara and Austen would make a good couple. Even though Kyle is probably the last person to go to for relationship advice, considering he barely made it to the altar with Amanda Batula.


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Andy Cohen asked Carl and Kyle point-blank if Ciara was too good for Austen. Obviously, they both said yes. Honestly, they responded almost faster than they did when they admitted they didn’t miss Hannah Berner filming the show one bit. It’s that serious.

I think anyone who watched 2 minutes of Winter House knows that Ciara is too good for Austen. Kyle, however, blames the long distance between them as the reason they wouldn’t be a serious couple. He admitted he thought they’d be a good match at one point, but it’s “very clear” now that they wouldn’t be. Finally, some sense from Kyle. Summer should be fun, but it’s never without a little mess along the way.


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