Paige DeSorbo, Amanda Batula And Kyle Cooke Dish On Austen Kroll’s Winter House Love Triangle

We’ve entered a new, significantly chillier, season of Bravo that not only includes the highly-anticipated second season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, but the premiere of Winter House. The Summer House gang teamed up with a few Southern Charm stars to party it up in Vermont. They’ll ski. They’ll sled. And, of course, they’ll get a little sloppy.

The premiere of Winter House was everything I could’ve wanted it to be (aside from Carl Radke’s absence). Kyle Cooke threw a mega temper tantrum about rooms. We saw a few seeds planted for the impending relationship between Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo. And there was already a theme party. Everything is going as expected, and I love that for a new show.

While it’s off to a great start, I’m skeptical about some aspects of Winter House. Mainly the fact that AUSTEN KROLL is somehow the hot commodity in the house. I get Craigy wasn’t single and Kyle and Amanda Batula were on their way to the aisle. But what about Andrea Denver? Or Luke Gulbranson? Jason Cameron? Anyone but Mr. Muppet Mouth.


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Austen’s co-stars seemed shocked and confused about his romantic issues as well. To put it short, we already saw things get hot and heavy between Austen and Ciara Miller in the hot tub. But we know Austen has some sort of messy romance with Lindsay Hubbard (yeah, because that always has gone well for her in the past). And we can’t forget about the Madison LeCroy of it all, even though she has a ring on her finger these days. In an interview with Us Weekly, Amanda, Paige and Kyle all dished on the anomaly that is Austen the Playboy.

Amanda contributes it to Austen’s flirtatious nature, even though she doesn’t fully understand how he got caught in such a mess. “It’s like Survivor,” she added. “[It’s] sticking everyone in a house and everyone has to team up, and naturally, people are going to fight for the same partner.” Yes, but why isn’t everyone fighting over ANDREA. Like, that man brought Paige and Ciara coffee in bed. It was obviously a move, but a welcome one when it comes from a hot Italian model.


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Kyle didn’t go as far as to call Austen a “ladies’ man” but did comment on his poor decision-making fueled by alcohol. “It was kind of a good breeding ground for that,” Kyle said of the house. Yeah, you put a bunch of good-looking single people under one roof with nothing to do but drink and play in the snow. What else do you expect them to do but to get heavily involved in their relationships with one another? Like, we all watched Jersey Shore. We know this happens.

Paige, my queen, has been vocal about being dumbfounded by three women fighting over Austen. She promises we’ll see how it all plays out, considering Ciara and Austen coupled up from the jump. But when Lindsay comes in, everything changes. “Ciara and Lindsay are both two very mature girls who know what they want,” Paige added. “And I think if one of them said, ‘Hey, back off,’ the other one absolutely would. So, there wasn’t, like, a huge situation. But there was a situation.” Paige knows how to tease us with the tea, as seen by the buildup to going IG official with Craigy.


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