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Larsa Pippen Claims She Might Not Return To Real Housewives Of Miami Because Of “Mean” Co-Stars

How are we feeling about Larsa Pippen? The Real Housewives of Miami star was polarizing to say the least. Her comeback to the reboot of the show, after 10 years, was met with mixed reviews. Mostly because of her OnlyFans activity and her ongoing feud with “friend of” and original cast member, Adriana de Moura. While finalizing her divorce from NBA legend Scottie Pippen dominated her storyline, the rest of the cast didn’t get the memo. Her divorce barely even registered for them when it came to calling her out.

Now, Larsa isn’t so sure she wants to deal with that drama. In a recent tweet, she indicated that she might not return for another season of RHOM. She tweeted, “I’m not sure if I’m coming back after seeing how mean the girls were. I never said one thing about any of them yet they were all hating on me. It’s too easy to talk shit on all of them yet I didn’t. I’m happy focusing on my family n work.”

Now Larsa. We all know that isn’t entirely true. When Marysol Patton fed you an unsubstantiated rumor that castmate Nicole Martin called you a “prostitute,” you went low. Despite the rumor being a secondary one at that, Larsa bypassed Nicole’s denial and hit below the belt, looking down on Nicole for having a child out of wedlock. For someone who claims to be so open about how people conduct their personal lives, that was really wrong.


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But I do understand one of Larsa’s main point of contention with Adriana. In a particularly tense dinner for Alexia Echevarria’s bachelorette party, the two went toe to toe and it got ugly. Adriana screamed at Larsa, “You left this group of women, come back with a butt as big as Kim Kardashian’s, trying to become the new Kim Kardashian, which you’re never going to be.” Yep, that was pretty uncalled for. Larsa seemingly kept her cool, but unleashed a string of cruel insults, even for a housewife. She called Adriana “bipolar” and said she looked “homeless.” The cast seemed too shocked to say anything and the dinner ended with no resolution between the two.

They might have hugged it out at the reunion but the hug was anything but warm. There’s no doubt that Larsa won’t be quick to forgive, especially after Adriana’s final dig that Larsa looked like Cookie Monster in her blue intro dress. Ugh, why, Adriana? It might be a PG insult but it was silly and unnecessary at that point. No doubt, Adriana is a pot stirrer for the ages. But I don’t think she should be attacked for her alleged mental health issues or financial status. Larsa needs comebacks that aren’t steeped in elitism and snobbery, which was exactly what Adriana has been accusing her of.


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Ultimately, Larsa certainly doesn’t need the show. She is finally divorced with a nice settlement, thanks to no prenup. She’s making an alleged $10k/day on her OnlyFans. But if there is anything that Larsa seems to value, it’s being relevant. And the best way to do it is to stay in the spotlight as a housewife.


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