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Real Housewives Of New York Star Leah McSweeney Says She Was In A “Psych Ward”

After a disaster of a season on Real Housewives of New York, the cast has been relatively quiet while they regroup. Even the season reunion was scrapped due to an internal investigation that involved Eboni K. Williams and Ramona Singer. Since then, rumors have swirled about a cast shake up. But nothing has really come of it and there has been radio silence for months.

Leah McSweeney, who completely her second season on the show, took a lot of heat for the demise of the franchise. Even Andy Cohen was shocked by the amount of hate she was getting. Andy said, “People are really on her this season and they’re saying she’s … I mean, I haven’t… people online, at least, are turning on her in a way that I’ve not seen from one season to the next.”


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No one is doubting that Leah had a rough season. She was dealing with her grandmother dying and at times, didn’t seem like she was interested in filming. Which is understandable in the midst of grief. But Leah has always been open about her mental health struggles. She previously admitting, “I felt guilty for feeling like that because of how blessed of a life I have. But depression does not discriminate.” And it seems like Leah might be struggling to move forward again.

On a recent post to her Instagram account, Leah got very candid about her past. In her video post, she captioned it, “Keep going” with multiple heart emojis. She also added the hashtags, “recovery,” “healing,” “mental health,” and “trauma.” The video features her getting her hair and make-up done over original audio of a song.


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In text overlay, Leah begins, “16 year old me would be shocked that I’m still alive. 18 year old me would be thrilled that I own a clothing line. 20 year old me would think I’m crazy for having a baby at 24. 24 year old me would be proud at the way I’ve raised my daughter.”

She then revealed, “30 year old me would be saddened to know I ended up in a psych ward.” Leah concluded, “34 year old me would find it hilarious that I ended up on rhony.” Leah, who is 39, didn’t specify when she was in psych ward or for what reason. And fans were shocked to hear. One user asked, “You were in a psych ward? Have you every talked publicly about that?” To which Leah responded, “Twice. You can read about it in my book.” While Leah received plenty of love and support on her post, none of her RHONY castmates commented.

Regardless of what you think about Leah, it’s nice to see housewives be open about stigmatized topics. After all, they are still human too. Here’s hoping Leah is in a good place, whether it’s on or off the show.


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