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Real Housewives Of New York Reunion Reportedly Cancelled Because Of Racism Complaints/Investigation Against Ramona Singer From Eboni K. Williams & A Crew Member

When Bravo producers decided that the Real Housewives Of New York would not have a Season 13 reunion, it was assumed that it was because of catastrophically low ratings.  Well, that was not the entire truth.  Though, the season finale was one step up from pulse-less.  Was anyone going to be clamoring for more of that? In two-parts? Three?
TMZ revealed that the reunion was derailed due to a legal issue.  Multiple sources told TMZ that Eboni K. Williams filed a complaint against Ramona Singer for making an alleged comment that the lawyer felt was “racially motivated.”  This complaint resulted in a thorough investigation by a third-party source.   
As a result, Bravo producers had to postpone the reunion since the complaint was filed weeks before the original shoot date.  The investigation involved interviews with the cast and production crew.  It was a lengthy process that delayed the reunion past the point that anyone would care to watch it.  At least, that’s what the producers decided.  One source told TMZ, “it was already a low-rated season so there were concerns about who would tune in 3 months later.”  
The allegations against Ramona were cleared.  Eboni’s claims could not be corroborated by the interview responses.  Though our favorite housewife often puts her foot in her mouth, or calls her hospitality staff “the help,” this particular supposedly racially motivated comment was deemed untrue.  A crew member reportedly filed a similar complaint prior to Eboni.
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This may explain why costars Leah McSweeney, Ramona, and Luann de Lesseps had a pact to avoid Eboni at a recent event. To be fair, Eboni was not the only person associated with RHONY to file a complaint against Ramona.  A crew member had previously aired the same grievance, but the alleged behavior continued.  That’s what prompted Eboni to put her clout behind the complaint as well. 
The reunion cancellation cost the RHONY housewives dearly.  TMZ speculated that the ladies could have been paid an additional $100,000 each for a three part (my god) reunion.  As for Eboni, she accepted the findings of the investigation but feels robbed of the chance to confront her cast mates at the reunion.  TMZ previously reported that she has “unfinished business” with the other Housewives.  
Representatives for Eboni and Ramona have failed to respond to request for comments.  
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