Eboni K. Williams Says That She And Leah McSweeney Are Just “Friendly Colleagues”

Season 13 of Real Housewives of New York was a mess. Eboni K. Williams joined the cast as the first Black Housewife on the franchise. She dealt with being called “angry” by RHONY co-star Luann de Lesseps, who also ordered her to leave her property.

Then we have Ramona Singer, who referred to her staff as “the help.” Eboni didn’t let it slide. But through it all, Leah McSweeney and Eboni were besties who always had each other’s backs. Or so it seemed.

Both Leah and Eboni lost their beloved grandmothers in a short space of time. While in Salem, Massachusetts, the duo got tattoos to honor their grandmothers. That seems like a bonding experience.

Eboni was called “too preachy” by her co-stars, and some RHONY viewers. Low ratings for Season 13 led to rumors that the show was going on permanent hiatus. In September of 2021, after it was delayed, Bravo cancelled the reunion citing scheduling delays.

Now we know a little more about why the reunion was delayed. Eboni reportedly filed a complaint against Ramona. The attorney claimed that Ramona allegedly made a comment that was “racially motivated.” After an investigation by a third-party, Ramona was cleared. Before Eboni filed her complaint, a member of the crew also made a similar complaint.

According to Page Six, Ramona allegedly said, “This is why we shouldn’t have black people on the show,” referencing Eboni. Ramona denied making the comment that launched the investigation. “I never said that. It’s a terrible lie,” she stated. “It’s very disappointing that even after my name was cleared that people still want to slander me.”

When Leah recently attended the book release party for the Housewives tell-all Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives From the People That Lived It, she gave an update on her friendship with Eboni. Leah said, “I honestly haven’t talked to her, haven’t seen her, haven’t heard too much from her.” Wow. “I think she was traveling? But everything’s OK,” Leah added. Yes–everything sounds just peachy.


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There was some other juicy gossip about the same soiree. A source claimed, “Luann, Leah and Ramona had a pact [that] as soon as Eboni showed up, they would leave. When Eboni entered from the right, they all were on the left and exited,” the insider commented. “They fled as soon as she walked in.” That is crazy! Why would Leah support Ramona and Luann over Eboni? “The infighting in ‘New York’ is still happening. They just hate her because they ain’t her,” the source said.

Page Six reported that Eboni commented on her relationship with Leah while playing a game of “Sip and Tell” with S’More Date. When the host asked, “Are you and Leah still friends? If you’re friends, take a sip.” Eboni didn’t lift the glass to her lips. “Oh, you’re messy. You are real messy,’ Eboni stated. “Leah and I are what we’ve always been. Friendly colleagues.” Say what now?

The host asked, “So you’re not friends?” Eboni quipped, “Goodnight” and pretend exited the Instagram interview. She also revealed that seeing Leah at the reunion wasn’t her objective. “I don’t see closure from Leah,” Eboni remarked. “Leah and I have an ongoing relationship. It’s authentic in what it is, and I didn’t have any particular goals around a reunion and Leah.”

Eboni may be looking to move past RHONY. She previously revealed that she has her eye on a co-host gig on The View.


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