Lisa Hochstein Believes That Adriana de Moura Is “Being Honest” About Seeing Kanye West’s Penis

The revival of Real Housewives of Miami brought back several of the “OG’s,” including Lisa Hochstein. Lisa is married to plastic surgeon, and “Boob god” Dr. Lenny Hochstein. The couple desperately wanted a family and struggled with infertility. Finally, they welcomed a son in 2015, followed by a daughter in 2019. Both babies were born via surrogate.

RHOM viewers were shocked to find out that Lisa and Lenny actually separated briefly because he had an “emotional affair.” Lisa stated, “The separation lasted all of about one and a half months –it wasn’t a long thing at all.” Lisa denied that the couple were swingers, contrary to what the Miami rumor mill said.  There were fireworks during the Hamptons trip because Lisa didn’t want to share a room with anyone.

But the biggest source of drama on Season 4 of RHOM came from Larsa Pippen and Adriana de Moura. Larsa went to Los Angeles after her separation from Scottie Pippen and became besties with Kim Kardashian. The ladies had a serious falling out, which Larsa alleged had something to do with Kim’s then-husband, rapper Kanye West. Right now, Larsa said that she and Kim are “in a really good place.” Kim was recently declared legally single, and she is loving life with her new boo, comedian Pete Davidson. Kanye is less than thrilled with Kim moving on.


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Adriana slammed Larsa’s appearance, claiming she was trying to “become Kim Kardashian.” Adriana also called Larsa “Kim Kardashian’s minion” at Alexia Echevarria’s fiery bachelorette party. But at a dinner with Larsa, Adriana dropped the bomb that she allegedly saw Kanye’s penis. “I saw Kanye’s d–k before. It’s big, and it’s thick,” Adriana remarked. TMI! Larsa didn’t want to discuss the Kardashians, and a shouting match ensued.

At the Season 4 reunion, Larsa said that she asked Kanye about the supposed incident, and he said that Adriana peeping at his penis was a lie. Adriana produced a photo of herself in front of a bathroom with Kanye. Larsa was still pissed at how Adriana was talking about Kanye, and by extension, Kim.

Lisa weighed in on the controversy about Kanye’s package. Lisa told HollywoodLife, “Adriana brought things up that Larsa didn’t like, and I understand. Some of the things she brought up were kind of wild, like about people’s genitalia or private parts,” Lisa explained. “So yeah, I could see how like Larsa wouldn’t like that.”


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But Lisa does believe that Adriana saw Kanye’s goods while he was using the bathroom. “I think that she’s being honest. Like, why bring that up?” Lisa remarked. Adriana would certainly bring up anything that would annoy Larsa.

Larsa dissed Adriana as “the weasel of the crew” and said that Adriana’s only story line was talking about her. Larsa also called Adriana “bitter and mean.” Larsa claimed that Adriana created all this drama to secure a full-time position next season. At the end of the RHOM reunion, Adriana and Larsa seemed to be in a better place, but I’m sure it will be a short-lived truce.


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