Noella Bergener Claims Emily Simpson Admitted She’s Jealous Of Heather Dubrow And Gina Kirschenheiter’s Friendship

Real Housewives of Orange County stars Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson are besties. Emily is living her best life because her husband, Shane Simpson, finally passed the  bar exam. This season, Gina launched her own skin-care line. But instead of applauding her achievement, Gina felt that her RHOC co-star Shannon Beador was jealous.

Gina and Heather Dubrow became the unlikeliest friends on the show. Heather even invited Gina on a trip to New York, and they flew private. Gina loved hanging out and popping the champs with Heather.

Meanwhile, Shannon was convinced that Gina and Emily were out to get her. Shannon buddied up with newbie Noella Bergener.

Emily asked Shannon if she was jealous of Heather and Gina’s relationship. Shannon was right about one thing- Emily is the biggest pot stirrer this season. Shannon denied being envious that Heather and Gina are tight. Shannon is too booked and busy to care. Sure thing, Shannon.

During a recent episode of RHOC, Shannon had a cooking party while Heather and Gina were in New York, eating slices of pizza and taking in the sights. Gina’s parents met Heather’s mom for dinner. It was fun seeing Heather and her mother interact. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, did it?

Shannon told Noella, Emily, and Jen Armstrong that they were going to have more fun than their RHOC co-stars in New York. Naturally, Emily told Gina and Heather what Shannon said, and they were pissed.


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Gina admitted that she believes that Shannon is jealous of her friendship with Heather. Shannon told Gina that her ego needs to come down a couple of notches.

According to Reality Blurb!, Noella said that Emily is the one who is jealous on the RHOC: After Show. “Emily actually admitted that at [Shannon’s] cooking party,” Noella said. “She actually was at the table saying that ‘I feel a sort of way because I brought Gina to meet my parents so I figured when Gina was going to do a meet the parents’ moment, it would be me because we’ve had that.’”

Noella said that Emily turned the tables and accused Shannon of feeling jealous. Noella remarked, “She kind of twisted it like that there was jealousy towards [Shannon] in the phone call, where really, the reality was the only person who expressed any feelings in a negative way about this trip was Emily.” She continued, “It was interesting that Emily twisted it and said there’s all these feelings with Shannon. It’s like, ‘But there wasn’t. If anyone had feelings, it was you.’” Bloop!


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“So had I not said anything, it could have percolated into some big idea so I don’t want to give the idea that I’m jealous of Gina’s life,” Shannon stated. “I found it interesting because I’m not best friends with Gina or Heather. I don’t care that they have a friendship,” Shannon commented.

“But Emily is one of Gina’s best friends. So, I think actually Emily was jealous and she was trying to project it on me,” she explained.

“If you’re in a situation with her, like we were at my chef party, and you say something, she reports back to Gina. And if I’m having a dinner party with Emily, [Dr. Jen Armstrong] and Noella, you don’t need to report back everything that was said,” Shannon stated. “I was just trying to liven up our night and have fun and by reporting back to Gina what I said, you’re making an issue out of it and you’re making it seem as though I’m creating some sort of competition, which was never the intention.”


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