Sutton Stracke Says Her Reaction To Dorit Kemsley’s Robbery Was Insensitive

Well folks, we haven’t even started the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Sutton Stracke feels the need to explain her actions. RHOBH fans will be familiar with Sutton’s tendency to miss the mark on expected reactions.  She doesn’t express herself well, and tends to succumb to frenzy.  It’s game over for any kind of composure at that point.

This time, Sutton had to explain her underwhelming response to the news that Dorit Kemsley survived a violent home invasion.  She told Page Six, “I had a weird day and so I wasn’t focused and I was insensitive to what happened. Once I kind of got my brain settled and understood the severity, I think contrite can only explain how I felt.”

In the scene, Kyle Richards can be seen describing what went down when armed men invaded Dorit’s home. Sutton’s response was, “I’ve been putting out fires all day today, too.”

So what was Sutton referring to that could possibly compare to being held at gunpoint, fearing for your life and for the lives of your children? Well, Sutton had some snafus with completing a business project that required importing a French designer to sunny California.

The clip continued with Sutton expressing some degree of awareness. “It’s all relative,” she told Kyle, “I mean, I wasn’t held at gunpoint.  I’m sorry.  It’s been a weird day, a weird morning.”

Shocked?  Well, so was Kyle.  But of course, Kyle didn’t share her reaction to Sutton directly.  She did it in a confessional instead.  “Are you that wrapped up in yourself that you are not grasping what just happened to our friend?” Kyle asked producers.

News of the burglary on October 27th, 2021 shocked RHOBH costars and fans.  Armed men entered the home that Dorit shared with husband PK Kemsley and her two children, Jagger, 8, and Phoenix, 6.  The children were asleep and PK was in London at the time.  Dorit was held at gunpoint while the intruders stole luxury items such as jewelry, handbags, and watches.

Dorit recalled the event to Access Hollywood.  She said, “There was someone … who said, ‘Just kill her, just kill her already, just kill her,’ and all I could think of [was], ‘I have to save those babies.’ I begged them, I begged them for my life and begged for their life.”

After grasping the severity of the situation, Sutton reacted accordingly.  She continued her interview with Page Six saying, “I never would want anything bad to happen to Dorit or her family, ever.  None of us want anything bad to happen to any of us.  That is the scariest thing and the environment that we live in, especially here in LA in Beverly Hills, it kind of set me off a little bit.”

Sutton added, “I just wasn’t there.  I wasn’t being present. And so I think insensitive is the best word for [my reaction to the break-in].  And I was very sorry for it.”

Despite the initial reaction, Dorit accepted Sutton’s explanation and the two RHOBH ladies bonded a lot this season. Not to say that it didn’t take some work and redemption on Sutton’s part to make it happen.

Sutton explained, “I think we’ll see how the show unfolds a lot of clarity – and we’ll just see how she reacts to me and if I can offer any help.  I call it [my] season of forgiveness.”

And forgive she did.  Dorit and Sutton were spotted socializing off camera.  They were spotted at the Stagecoach country music festival partying with Richards and Maren Morris a.k.a. “The Middle” singer.

Sutton also made headway with PK.  She gushed, “I’ve loved getting to know her [and] I’ve loved getting to know PK more.  He’s very funny.  And her children, I could eat them up. The idea of anything happening to them is awful.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]