Drew Sidora Says Husband Ralph Pittman “Can Be An *sshole, But He Is Who He Is”

Drew Sidora is now in her second season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. And after a lackluster rookie debut, she seems to be bringing it. She has a new feud with veteran Sheree Whitfield to keep her busy. But her continued storyline of marriage trouble is what keeps everyone talking about her week after week.

Drew has been married to husband Ralph Pittman for 8 years and the couple have two children together. And while no marriage is perfect, Drew and Ralph’s issues keep shocking fans.

Last year, Ralph allegedly took off to Tampa for a few days and still hasn’t told Drew what he was actually doing there. This year, Ralph was busted by Drew for a text exchange with his assistant, where she offered him a massage. Not to mention how he talks to her and all the examples of gaslighting. We don’t even have time to get into that.


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But it looks like Drew is standing by her man regardless. She recently spoke with Distractify and said of Ralph, “Yes, he can be an a**hole. He admitted that he has owned his junk. But he is who he is. And he showed me other things.” She added that the couple are “actively” in therapy due to their trust issues.

Drew shared, “You’ll see us go to marriage counseling and we’re still in marriage counseling And I feel like he is putting forth the effort to try to communicate softer. And I appreciate him for showing up to marriage counseling.”

Despite their problems, Drew said that they are committed to being a united front because her marriage isn’t “perfect.” Yeah, we know.


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She continued, “I appreciate him for acknowledging his faults and wanting to stay here because he can leave. Neither one of us are holding each other or tying each other to this marriage. So, I appreciate someone that is willing to stick it out and go through those valleys.”

Does Tampa not count as leaving? Just asking. The RHOA star also noted that she thinks people “give up too easily on marriage” and that she doesn’t believe in divorce.


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As to those who are wondering why someone would come on a reality show with so many marital issues, Drew wants to be transparent. But she does acknowledge that it comes at a price.

Drew said, “It’s always a thought like, ‘Are we showing too much?’ I mean, we were new. We weren’t at the level of knowing how to concoct a story. I want people to see who I am as a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, and I made a conscious effort to just be more vulnerable here.”


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