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Marlo Hampton Believes Drew Sidora’s Husband Ralph Pittman Hit The Strip Clubs In Tampa Despite His Denials

Real Housewives of Atlanta had an… interesting season. It’s difficult to sum up, but if you enjoy exotic dancers wearing fake Chanel crime tape, then I guess you had a great time. New cast member Drew Sidora came on the scene and it might be fair to say she watched every single episode available of RHOA prior to her debut. But don’t forget Drew is a master thespian and can assume any personality she wants to portray, thanks to her amazing acting skills.

Drew and husband Ralph Pittman had quite a storyline. Ralph likes to play music and take long drives. Like really long drives – all the way to Florida long. And it was one of Ralph’s road trips that got him in hot water. Thank goodness he had solid evidence in the form of financial receipts to confirm his innocence. In the event you are one of the fans maintaining a healthy side-eye at ‘ol Ralph, then save a seat for Marlo Hampton because she is on your team.

Can we get Marlo a peach already? Honestly, this is a woman who has put in the work and paid her dues. It’s not like Bravo isn’t already filled with felons, fraudsters, and people who may or may not embezzle money from orphans and widows. At this point she’s like Cher, she isn’t going anywhere and will outlive us all. Moving on. Because Marlo is a “regular” on RHOA, she gets to go on cast trips and shows up at the reunions. Marlo garners as much interaction with the cast as full time ladies, so she also qualifies as a favorite of Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

Marlo joined Andy on a recent episode of WWHL and he inquired about the hot topic of Ralph’s whereabouts on his meditative trip to Florida. A clip was shared to Twitter. “Do you buy the receipts that Ralph gave to prove that his Tampa trip wasn’t as shady as it seemed, or do you believe that he hit the strip club,” Andy asked. Marlo basically said what everyone on the planet was thinking, except for Drew.


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Andrew Joseph Cohen, hell no I don’t buy those receipts,” Marlo replied. I don’t think the Prophet himself bought those receipts. But Drew is gonna Drew and she apparently accepted Ralph’s attempts to redeem himself. To this day, Drew remains the lone soul who thinks “restaurant receipts where it said number of guests and it said one” isn’t the result of separate checks. Bless her heart. Marlo then added, “He [Ralph] was at The Penthouse on Westshore Blvd at the strip club, okay?”

There’s nothing wrong with visiting a dance hall that caters to a particular clientele. There is something wrong with lying about it. And disappearing for three days without informing your spouse isn’t too bright. Spying on your family probably isn’t going to be a great characteristic either, but I digress.


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Ralph and Drew survived their first season on RHOA but their happily ever after remains questionable. Will Drew find herself chasing waterfalls and chasing Ralph down I-75 if he runs away again? Will Drew dare to respond to Marlo’s seemingly open invitation to dispute? Drew made quite an impression but we don’t know if she’s returning to the show at this time. As for Ralph, he’ll be at CVS getting a super long receipt in case he needs an alibi.


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