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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Therapy And Drowning

Sanya Richards-Ross is already so much fun! I get excited the second I see her on the screen. Real Housewives of Atlanta has had some major casting missteps in recent years, but this is a solid choice. This is the best cast since the Season 5-6 era.

Sanya has quite the full house right now. For the next year, there are like nine people living in her room. Personally, I couldn’t do it, but to each their own. Live your best life. I’d be going crazy with that many people in my personal space.

It’s a big adjustment for everyone, and her mom in particular is being tough about it. She’s jumping down everyone’s throats, and it’s overwhelming. Having family in such close proximity is a recipe for heightened tensions.

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Sheree Whitfield is hosting Kenya Moore at her home. What a long way these two have come. In the past, they used to drag each other’s living arrangements. The Chateau is looking snatched though.

Sheree says she almost loves Kenya at this point. However, Kenya’s turned off by Marlo Hampton’s pretentious nature. They’re even bringing up the white fridge situation from years ago.

Kenya and Marlo randomly made up last year, and it sounds like this fake friendship is already on the skids. They claim to have love for one another, but they have a bizarre way of showing it.

Kenya tells Sheree that Drew Sidora’s been talking about them having the same assistant. Drew’s so damn messy. She’s already going around talking about Sheree’s financial situation and allegedly not paying an assistant in the past. These two aren’t starting off on the right foot.

Drew Sidora Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Drew and Ralph Pittman’s marriage makes me so uncomfortable to watch. They’re never happy. There’s always some sort of issue lingering between them. He does far too much shady shit and always makes her look stupid.

There’s no excuse for Ralph letting women talk to him about giving him a massage. He’s gaslighting the hell out of her. Every time one of these issues comes up, he makes her question her own sanity. It’s toxic.

Kandi Burruss gets a call from her Broadway producer talking about how packed their show was. Kandi is always the best at securing the bag. Broadway producer is quite the title. Nobody knows how to capitalize on their success the way Kandi does.

Kandi’s personal story every season is about her work/family balance. She talks about Todd Tucker disrupting the flow when he leaves, but she leaves for MONTHS. I wish she would give us more about her personal life. Not knowing how to balance the empire with her family get old after being her topic for many years. It’s time to move on.

Kandi Burruss Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi tells Marlo she loves the way she put everything together. See, there are some compliments. Kandi and Marlo have had negative history from the first time they met, so I expect it to happen again.

Marlo feels stressed taking care of her nephews because she created a monster. They’re accustomed to the finer things in life since living with Marlo. Kandi doesn’t think that’s a bad thing though. She believes Black youth can be set up for greatness and also develop a strong work ethic.

Kandi says Marlo was shitty to her when she first joined the group. However, things have gotten to a much better place between the two over the years.

Ralph says his schedule is clear, and he’s scheduling something for the two of them. I guess their issues are on the back burner for a night. I’m sure Drew will find a way to call Ralph out and put him in the hot seat. Rightfully so though. He deserves it for the way he’s constantly embarrassing her on camera.

Ralph Pittman Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Seeing Marlo’s home life is so eye-opening, and it creates so much more depth in her. It’s almost surreal getting to get a true glimpse into her life after all of these years. Part of the appeal of Marlo was the mystery, but now the curtain has been pulled. There’s so much more to her than fashion and petty drama.

Ralph is surprising Drew with this big night for the two of them, but something screams like it’s going to be a disaster. An actual complete and utter trainwreck. He’s trying too hard. Ralph’s going out of his way to wine and dine his way out of this.

Drew looks like a whole queen, but she doesn’t understand what this is or why she’s there. He wants to give Drew an environment that lets her know that no other woman can compare to her. He’s doing the most.

Ralph admits he can be an asshole to her, and Drew has a lot to say. She wants to put the bullshit aside and work deep through their problems. She has a voice in this marriage, and she’s ready to speak her truth. Sometimes these wives come onto the show

Ralph says she set up the dinner with no expectations, and at least she feels special. Nothing she can say is being received well by him. He’s not liking her responses to

Out of nowhere, Ralph says he wants to set up a therapy session for Drew to learn how to talk to a man. WOAH. Where did that come from? He really is an expert at gaslighting because that was out of the left field. What in the hell?

Ralph’s even going as far as to try and say the marriage counselor is making stuff up. He’s completely turning this against Drew, and she’s consistently blindsided by him. She’s not allowed to have a voice in this marriage. The moment she tries to express herself, he gets cold and distant and ignores her tears.

Every single time he does this. There’s no time between these two that ends in happiness. From their very first scene on the show until now, it’s been chaos and doom for their marriage. We might be seeing the end of them as a couple.


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