Lala Kent Said She Received Calls Asking To Collect Money While She Was With Randall Emmett

Randall Emmett seems to be in the news a lot lately. And not for his messy break up with former fiance and Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent. He’s got quite a few lawsuits against him right now. As it turns out, the lawsuits aren’t coming as a surprise to Lala.

As reported by Reality Blurb, Lala recently went on Jeff Lewis‘ SiriusXM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live to discuss. Regarding his most recent suit, Lala said, “I think it was $10.8, yeah. I don’t know the ins and outs of it. I was just sent the headline.” She added, “I don’t really deep dive into what he’s going through because it really has nothing to do with me.”

As for why she’s not shocked, Lala explained that she got some suspicious calls while they were together. Said Lala, “I had people call me to collect money. And I said, ‘We weren’t married. You’ve gotta collect elsewhere. Sorry.'” Another reason she likely wasn’t taken aback was because while they were still together, Randall filed a motion to get his child support reduced. He argued in court that the $50K/month balance he was required to maintain for the benefit of his two children with Ambyr Childers was too high.

Randall’s lawyer wrote in court documents that his client, “cannot afford to fund the child support security account at a rate of $50,000 every month.” The lawyer also said, “if Randall was forced to continue making these deposits,” he’ll “fall deeper and deeper into debt and will be forced to file for bankruptcy.” This “bankruptcy filing will not only harm Randall, but Ambyr, and most importantly, the children, as Randall is the sole income earner for the family.” In the same filing, it was revealed that Randall also owes $500K to the IRS.

Since Lala and Randall’s breakup, he has also been sued by his previous landlord for unpaid rent. In April of this year, he was then sued for “conspiracy to defraud.” The suit was filed by an insurance company that alleges he went over budget on one of his films. The very same month, Randall got slapped with a lawsuit for $287K over another film where he is being accused of not repaying a loan.

Finally, news just broke that Randall was hit with his biggest lawsuit yet – for a staggering $10.8 million. This is the same lawsuit that Lala is referring to in her interview. Court documents reveal the company The Fyzz Facility is claiming breach of contract on yet another one of Randall’s productions.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]