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Married At First Sight Stars Woody Randall And Amani Randall Welcome Their First Child

Married At First Sight stars Woody Randall and Amani Aliyya jumped the broom during Season 11 in New Orleans. This duo is one of my favorite MAFS couples. When Woody, who is a high school teacher and coach, met Amani, who works with a non-profit group, sparks flew. I will say it again–Woody has style.

They chatted easily at their wedding reception, and their chemistry was sizzling. Amani even forgave Woody when he lost his wedding ring in the pool on their honeymoon. That’s some real love.

Woody and Amani decided to stay married on Decision Day. Amani joked that she wanted a divorce at first. In fact, they are one of two couples that stayed married from their season.

Woody proved his love to Amani at the reunion when he presented her with a new wedding ring, so that she would have one that was from her husband.

In February of 2022, Amani announced her pregnancy as the duo celebrated their second anniversary. “We’re so blessed to be able to embark on this journey of parenthood as we celebrate our second anniversary together,” Amani said in a statement.

“We found out I was pregnant after I was about eight weeks. I had been feeling pretty sick after a visit to Los Angeles for filming for the MAFS Boston Special.” She added, “I assumed it was food poisoning from ahi tuna, but Woody hoped I was expecting.” Amani took a pregnancy test. The results were negative, but a second test came back positive.

E! News reported that Amani and Woody welcomed their first child on June 3, 2022. Their son, Reign Randall, weighed 6 lbs., 8 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

“So far, his temperament is pretty relaxed. He’s not really fussy,” Amani stated. “Reign loves to cuddle and is super sweet. He smiles when he’s sleeping and does a little grin.”

The new mom continued, “It’s still pretty early, but we think he may look more like Woody, and he may have Woody’s eyes. I think he has my nose,” Amani added.

“He’s truly my heart outside of my chest,” Woody remarked. Reign is the 10th baby welcomed by MAFS couples. Talk about a baby boom!

Woody posted a photo of his son on Instagram. “Reign Randall has arrived. My boy is here! #boydad #reignrandall #babyrandall,” he wrote in the caption.

Woody and his wife received plenty of love from their MAFS family. Season 10 cast member Jessica Studer wrote, “Awww such a handsome little man! Congrats.” In November of 2021, Jessica and her husband, Austin Hurd, welcomed their son, Westin Paul.

Stephanie Sersen posted, “Horray!!! So excited for you both. Huge congrats!!” Stephanie’s husband, AJ Vollmoeller, commented, “Adorable!!! So happy for you both.”

Season 9 cast member Deonna McNeill wrote, “Aww…hey handsome!!!,” with a heart and heart-eyed smiley face.

Deonna’s husband, Greg Okotie, posted, “Congrats my dude. Welcome to fatherhood.” In February of 2021, Deonna and Greg welcomed their son, Declan.


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Amani posted a sweet photo of her son on Instagram. “Reign said he heard y’all was looking for him. #hereigo,” she wrote.

“I’m still in shock every time that I look at him. It’s amazing to know that I grew him in my body and brought him earth side,” Amani said.

“My sweet baby boy, Reign Amir Randall. I promise to love you forever,” she added. Dr. Viviana Coles, one of the MAFS experts, got in on the fun by commenting, “Has he started a hat collection yet?” Of course, that is a nod to Woody’s fondness for hats.

Congratulations, Amani and Woody!


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