Tamra Judge And Kelly Dodd Claim Real Housewives Producer Confirmed Heather Dubrow Pushed Him

Is this vindication for Noella Bergener? The last season of Real Housewives of Orange County revolved heavily around the return of Heather Dubrow. And what she did or didn’t do to the RHOC crew at her sushi party. Noella claimed that Heather pushed a producer while trying to kick everyone out of her house after a fight with Shannon Beador. The video from the episode did show Heather seemingly pushing a camera down. But Noella’s accusation took it to a whole new level.

Heather has vehemently denied the claim and the rest of the cast rallied around her. Noella was cast out as a liar and the season ended with the Heather and Noella hating each other. Insert Kelly Dodd. Because Kelly loves to be involved and even more so, loves to drag Heather. But it’s not just Kelly spilling the tea this time. Former cast member Tamra Judge also got in on the action.

Tamra was on a recent episode of SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live when Kelly called in. The two of them divulged that a producer on RHOC confirmed the story that Heather pushed someone. And called her “diabolical.” The Instagram account Real Housewives News shared video of the clip giving us all the dirt. Heather stans – beware!

Kelly called in and began, “You know [former producer] Thomas Kelly called all of us. And he said, to every single one of us…to Shannon, me..I don’t know what he said to you, Tamra. But I think he said the same thing. He said that Heather Dubrow did push him. That Terry [Dubrow] did push him against the wall. He said that Heather Dubrow is diabolical and that everyone was scared of her.” While Tamra slaps her palm to her forehead, host Jeff Lewis is absolutely lit up in excitement at this gossip.

Kelly continued, “I know Thomas Kelly said that and I know Tom Kelly wanted it out. And I think…this is what Thomas Kelly said, Tamra told him, ‘Do not go and talk about this publicly or it will ruin your career.'” Tamra broke in to agree, “I did.” She added, “I just told him it’s best…you know, he was very heated, he got fired. He thinks she’s the reason why. And I told him, ‘you know, it’s best you don’t talk about this publicly because it’s going to affect your career.'” Jeff noted, “At least with Bravo.”

Tamra concurred and said, “Yes, with Bravo. I mean, he did get a new job at Netflix, but I just said to him, ‘if that’s truly what happened..'” Jeff broke in to quip, “Where he’s not getting pushed against walls. Allegedly.” Tamra laughed and concluded, “You know, people like that get what’s coming to them.” Like Jeff said, this is alleged.

Jeff then asked Kelly, “So you absolutely believe him?” To which Kelly replied, “I absolutely believe him. Look, Thomas isn’t one to lie. Like, he wasn’t one to lie. We all collectively think that [the production company for RHOC] Evolution was the one that was protecting the Dubrows.” Whew! That is definitely some tea.

Now I know people generally don’t believe Kelly but in this case, Tamra is backing her up. Again, all of this is just an allegation but now we have at least three current and former cast members saying that they heard Heather pushed someone.

Interestingly enough, the caption on the post rubbed Tamra the wrong way. The caption read in part, “Kelly Dodd & Tamra Judge confirm that a #RHOC producer contacted the two of them, as well as Shannon Beador, to allege that Heather & Terry Dubrow pushed him against the wall! Tamra did in-fact add that she has never known Heather to be physical, despite these alleged comments from the producer.” I’m not sure which part Tamra took issue with but she stated in the comments, “I NEVER SAID THAT. WHAT BULLSHIT.”

Kelly also followed up in the comments. She wrote, “Just an fyi I have nothing to gain from this and don’t care one way or another. Yes the producer who’s a friend reached out and shared some info and Tamra, Shannon and I all discussed it. End of story. They can have their show and their 700k viewers (lowest of all time) and I’m good over here.” Is she though?

Regardless of who you believe, I think we are all anxiously awaiting Heather’s response. And if this means that Noella will be vindicated. Surely, she’s earned an orange for this alone.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]