Lisa Rinna Shades Garcelle Beauvais For Denise Richards Not Showing Up To Her Party On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

With all the drama between Diana Jenkins and Sutton Stracke on the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we almost missed the storm brewing. When inviting everyone to her birthday party in the previous episode, Garcelle Beauvais casually threw in that Denise Richards would be in attendance. You know, Denise, who spent one season being ripped to shreds by The Fox Force Five? Over a rumor about her personal sex life that professional pot stirrer Brandi Glanville started? Yeah, that Denise.

Naturally, the women were surprised. But Garcelle and Denise remain longtime friends, even after sharing a tumultuous season together on RHOBH. But we can’t say the same about Lisa Rinna. Lisa, who bragged about knowing Denise for over 20+ years, brought her on the show. And then immediately stabbed her in the back. So what isn’t surprising is that Lisa didn’t attend Garcelle’s birthday party.


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According to Lisa, she had a cover for being absent from the filmed event. And since Denise didn’t show up anyway, Lisa decided to shade that too. Queens of Bravo on Twitter caught Lisa’s latest social media antics. They shared Rinna’s IG post, which was a pic of her with husband Harry Hamlin for his latest project that no-one has heard of. Lisa captioned the photo, “I go to Harry’s ‘The Hot Zone’ @hulu premiere in NYC so I miss all the drama.” She added, “Oh and say Hi to Denise for me,” with a kissy face emoji.

In the next post on the thread, Queens of Bravo got screen shots of Rinna’s IG stories. Because we all know how quickly she loves to delete. Rinna shared Garcelle’s post where she is posing with RHOBH friend of Sheree Zampino. Garcelle wrote, “Tonight we welcome @shereezampino.” She added some celebratory emojis. So of course, Lisa took a perfectly nice post about her costars and made it messy.


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Rinna wrote over the photo, “Oh and say Hi to Denise for me!” More kissy face emojis. Leave it to Rinna to recycle a joke if she thinks it didn’t get enough attention the first time.

Rinna went one step further and shared a post from another Bravo fan account that tagged Garcelle. For their caption, they used the quote from Garcelle, “I thought maybe with Denise coming, Rinna would actually show up and fix things with Denise on neutral ground.” Lisa went in for another dig and wrote over the repost, “Yeah no I’m going to support my husband.” She also circled the caption and continued, “And I’ll fix things when I’m good and ready to fix things – Thanks so much.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]