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Brandi Glanville Doesn’t Regret Bringing Up Alleged Affair With Denise Richards

There are very few people in the world who can recognize a true stunt queen move. But if you were compelled to form a group of individuals who can clock someone that engages in questionable endeavors with a goal of achieving recognition, call a Bravo viewer. We get lots of stunt queens and most fans are well-versed in not tolerating blatant acts of desperation forced content. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been suffering from forced content for several seasons now, and the person often called in to work is Brandi Glanville.

Brandi has basically been there for the show since she was fired her contract wasn’t renewed. RHOBH had a rough go last year and lost Denise Richards as a result. Denise was the newest target in the environment where absolutely no one is ganged up on. After the disaster that was #puppygate and Lisa Vanderpump’s departure, rumors of a boring Season 10 filled the media during production. Evolution called in Brandi who had some handy dandy unconfirmed rumors to share. Despite the negative press, Denise quitting, and not exactly gaining fans, Brandi has no regrets.

Brandi probably did exactly as she was told and never fails to answer the phone when Bravo calls. Does she do it because she yearns for the diamond she lost? Probably, but much like Lisa Rinna, Brandi doesn’t say no to a job. The calamity that was the failed Hallmark lesbian love story designed to distract you from LVP’s absence, is now Brandi claiming Denise ruined future chances of getting her diamond back.

Brandi was on the Hollywood Raw podcast via Hurr Dat Media and said despite the storyline backfiring, she has no regrets. TooFab shared the details. “You know what, I don’t [regret sharing the rumor] because she [Denise] put me in a box,” Brandi revealed. Unfortunately it was a box labeled return to sender because who knows when we will see Brandi on RHOBH again. Brandi also said, “She [Denise] made me feel like I had to keep that secret, and I’m a secret keeper.” Um, yeah, Adrienne Maloof would like just a moment of your time, sweetie.


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“It just made me uncomfortable because I am outgoing, and I do want to speak my truth,” Brandi shared. Especially when Alex Baskin shows up on her caller ID and specifically requests she come in unprovoked and share her truth to help a fledgling season from going full Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and putting everyone to sleep. “And I do feel like she [Denise] screwed me over a little,” Brandi added. In Denise’s defense, Brandi also has felt screwed over by LVP, Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer, and most of America.

“So once I told Kim [Richards] on the show, I knew I had to say it because you can’t tell one of those bitches and then not say it,” Brandi confessed. She insists she didn’t want to put ‘ol Denise on blast but just had to do it, you guys. “Because I was like, ‘I am not saying it.’ I go, ‘You cannot make me.'” I suppose the lure of a paycheck reduced her brush with morality aside. “But I drunkenly told Kim, and then, ‘You have to share. It’s your job.'” Except it wasn’t her job and literally no one alive believes Brandi just happened to conveniently be chilling in Kim’s car while the scene was being set up in Kyle’s bedroom.


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There is no reason Brandi should technically regret bringing up an affair no one can prove. The same way no one can prove Dorit Kemsley didn’t drop off her dog at a kill shelter. The same way no one can prove LVP leaked a story to Radar. Because for RHOBH, storylines often reflect accusations no one can seemingly confirm. But don’t worry, Erika Jayne is hoping to change that for you.


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