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Top 5 Takeaways From Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 14 Episode 10

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is in its renaissance era. This crop of women is bringing the heat (and the funny) in the way Atlanta always used to do. It’s about damn time!

Drama Isn’t Everything

Kandi Burruss Real Housewives Of Atlanta

I know most of us viewers watch reality television for the drama, but it’s not everything. It doesn’t have to be the only deciding factor of whether or not a series is good. Atlanta has thrived on drama in the past, but one thing lacking from recent seasons was a genuine sisterhood between the ladies.

However, the opening scene of this week’s episode featuring Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore was a welcomed change in pace. We saw two boss women bonding with their young daughters and having a genuine conversation with no fighting, and it was a rarity that hardly occurs on these shows.

Something that SENT me and had me on the floor laughing was the car ride to the cast trip. Marlo Hampton and Sheree Whitfield spent the entire ride snacking up a storm. However, Monyetta Shaw, Drew Sidora, and Kandi got barred from eating. LIVING.

Marlo Vs. Kenya Rages On

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kenya tells Kandi she was trying to have a good girl’s night at Sheree’s pajama party until Marlo deterred it. Marlo’s proving this season that she’s incapable of being a genuine friend.

Eventually, Marlo’s going to turn on you. I’m so glad she got her peach because it felt like the network in her friend role was using her.

Kandi’s throwing herself in the middle of the drama between Kenya and Marlo. For some reason, she’s carrying the bones to Marlo about Kenya not attending the camping trip. Marlo didn’t care that Kenya wasn’t coming, so nothing came from it. Still though. Why is Kandi playing the role of messenger?

Marlo doesn’t want Kenya to attend the cast trip if she doesn’t stay at the house with everyone. I get that, and there’s no reason she can’t stay in the same place with the rest of the group. Other ladies in the group have issues with each other, but they’re sucking it up for camaraderie.

However, every time Kenya attempts to explain her side of things, she’s cut off by Marlo. These two can’t let each other breathe and get their points across. Both women want to be the one with the last word, so nothing ever gets sorted out.

Marlo’s “Mauntie” Troubles

Marlo Hampton Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi was correct in her assessment of Marlo dropping the ball in her new role. Marlo chose to take on the duties of raising her nephews, and nobody forced her. However, at the first sign of things getting tough, Marlo sent the boys packing to their other aunt. What sort of stability does that provide for them?

In Marlo’s defense, the boys are exhibiting some intense behavior. One of them punched a hole in the wall while she was out of town because they didn’t get their way.

That’s a lot for someone to deal with that’s never been a parent, and she’s not used to taking on that kind of responsibility.

Something I didn’t know was this wasn’t the first time she had taken after someone full-time. Her sister (that’s currently watching the boys) was under her care in the past as well. Maybe everyone’s too hard on Marlo. Maybe.

During the mountain getaway, Marlo tells the women she’s not ashamed about the break from the boys. Thirty days away from them is a long time. Her sister has many kids, so that’s also difficult for her. However, unless you’re in Marlo’s shoes, you can’t judge her.

Mountain Madness

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The madness didn’t take long to get underway during the girl’s trip, thanks to Kenya’s “surprise” arrival. For the most part, many of the women were excited to see her join the vacation. However, Marlo was hurt by Kandi because she withheld the information that Kenya was coming.

Kenya and Kandi get into it a little over Kenya, not wanting to stay at the house. Everyone wanted her to stay, but Kenya was vague about her daughter’s whereabouts. Is she staying with you? When is she coming? What’s the truth?

Sanya Richards-Ross arrives even later than Kenya on the trip, but she comes with exciting news. She’s taking all of the women on a journey to Jamaica! That’ll be the best cast trip of the season. Everyone gets to invite a plus one, so you know it’ll be messy with all the husbands.

Kenya doesn’t think Marlo knows how to love or be a friend. I agree. Marlo has repeatedly shown that she’s willing to turn on someone for the sake of having a moment. Marlo believes the crux of all this is calling Kenya a liar for being sick.

I have to say, Marlo’s speech about looking up to Kenya was moving, and I bought into every second of it. Everything’s awkward and weird now because the energy shifted after their fighting.

Drama with Drew

Drew is a magnet for drama, and it never fails to find her. Her drama with Sanya doesn’t even make sense at this point. I guess I’m Team Sanya simply out of annoyance with Drew’s entire persona since joining the show.

My observation about Drew isn’t as big of a takeaway as the others, but it’s a precursor for what’s to come later on the Blue Ridge Mountain trip. She has issues with Sanya and Fatum that are ready to bubble into a big dramatic situation.

With all of these women in one central location, things have to come to a head. Whatever peaceful getaway Marlo had in mind isn’t how this is playing out so far. No rest for the wicked!


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