Lala Kent

Lala Kent Says She’s Too Focused To Be In A Relationship Right Now

Once bit and twice shy! Lala Kent has steadily moved on from her tumultuous break up with ex-fiance Randall Emmett. But after dealing with so much emotional toxicity, the Vanderpump Rules star is thinking twice about dating.

Lala recently told Us Weekly, “I have no desire to be in a relationship. I do feel very guarded. I think if someone, like, the perfect man could step into my atmosphere and I would still be like, ‘The timing is just not right.’”

She added that she has “so much” on her plate given her reality star status. Plus she has her own makeup line and is a single mom to 16 month-old daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett, who she shares with Randall. Lala continued, “The only person bringing in a paycheck in my household is me, so I have a lot to focus on.”

Ocean’s gonna wanna go to college one day. I have to make sure I can provide that for her. Timing is everything, and I don’t think it’s the right time for a guy to come into my life. Any extra energy is going straight to my kid,” she explained.

As for coparenting with Randall, Lala divulged that they only speak through a parenting app. Lala said back in December, “[Ocean] sees him every so often, which is great, and I have her the majority of the time. But, you know, he and I don’t communicate much. We we send very short messages through an app about Ocean and then we call it a day.”

Given her situation, Lala shared that she’s “considered a single mom” but has a wide-ranging “support system” between her mother and brother. She remarked, “I honestly don’t dwell on that part too much. I feel very fortunate to have the support system that I have. [Ocean’s] very easy. I got lucky. I can’t even remember the last time that I actually saw her cry with tears. She fake cries all day long. She’s a little dramatic queen and I’m like, ‘You’re hustling me right now! I don’t see anything coming out.’”

Despite her life being “very different” now, Lala asserted that she’s “in a good place.” She confessed, “If you took my life and it was like a puzzle, I would say it’s pretty much finished. There [are] just a few pieces I need to find. I know this is like such a strange analogy, but I feel happy. I’m excited to be back.”

Lala is currently filming season 10 of VPR and gushed that she’s “excited” for fans to “see single Lala.” She concluded, “They really haven’t seen that — even season 4 I was hooked on my ex, who was kind of this elusive person. And then James [Kennedy] and I were making out every five seconds and then I was in a relationship. This is the first time that people are gonna see me completely single thinking about my child, venturing into the dating world. So that part I’m super excited for.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]