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Lala Kent Deletes Photos Of Fiance Randall Emmett After Photos Surface Showing Randall Seemingly Hanging With Other Women

As this season of Vanderpump Rules is proving, nothing will make Lala Kent cool down. She came on the show as a firecracker with James Kennedy as her partner in crime. Even though both of them are older, engaged, and trying their best not to offend anybody, they’re still their messy selves at heart. Lala has gotten sober, gotten serious with Randall Emmett and joined the VPR pregnancy pact as another new mommy. But she’ll still fight with everyone who messes with Lala, whether it be Ariana Madix or Charli Burnett. Or she’ll call out Brock Davies for not seeing his kids in years, despite having a baby with Scheana Shay. Maybe Lala could be a good future addition to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Drama is in her blood.

Lala and Rand have not had an easy relationship, to say the least. Lala first started dating her mystery “man” who made her fall in love with flying private. Over the years, Rand has opened up and become a Pump Rules star of his own. But the two have had their fights, particularly before she got sober. And despite planning a wedding and baby number 2, Lala is back to her old ways — deleting photos of Randall off of her Instagram. But this time, he’s being accused of doing more than just avoiding putting away groceries.

Heavy reports that photos are circling the internet of Randall supposedly hanging out with two other women. Instagram account @GirlGanz7733 posted photos of a man wearing black crossing the street in Nashville. It’s important to point out that the man isn’t holding hands or standing close to the other women. And it’s hard to tell from the photo if the guy even is Rand. But the post claims that Randall tried to hide when the fan recognized him who took the photos.


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While it’s hard to tell if the photos have any merit, it was enough for Lala to purge all pictures of Randall from her Instagram page. She also posted an Instagram story of her seemingly checking into a hotel, with the song “Sorry” by Beyonce in the back. In case you’re unaware, “Sorry” is the most f-you anthem about Jay Z cheating on his wife. So it looks like Lala is taking the song to heart, and letting Randall know she’s going to be just fine on her own.

Randall has been posting photos of his kids lately, seemingly insinuating that everything’s fine in his book. He recently posted a selfie with their baby Ocean. And shared a video of one of his other daughters promoting Lala’s book. Whether or not the ladder is a ploy for Lala to have a soft spot for Randall has yet to be confirmed.


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